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  1. dude..umm..post this somewhere else..not in the in the "Big Will" forum..this is about his music career
  2. even if it is released..i doubt itll get airplay
  3. he sed 'im upstairs litening to my will smith cd, blah blah' it was stupid, not really a dis
  4. WELL...from a kanye topic to a black and white jesus..back to the topic at hand, its kanyes money, its his life, let him do his thing- hes the best thing on the radio and his tour is crazy..who cares if he watches some no pants dancing? the article was just a humorous piece..its all good
  5. no, its not too soon..its been like 8 months..it has peaked
  6. please..knowing will and interscope, he will be milking switch some more in december..but at least hes trying..i guess i just dont care anymore..do i want PS played every hr on z100? yes and no..do i want teenybopper kids voting it onto TRL, who thinks 50 cent is god? yes and no..its so tiring and old..
  7. Ashlee Simpson is performing on SNL AGAIN..even after she was busted lip syncn' 2 yrs ago..but Will is never going ot perform on the show?? As a host or musical guest?? Or both??
  8. Heavy D is re-mounting the stage play "Medal of Honor Rag," to return to the Egyptian Arena Theater in Hollywood with Will Smith as the executive producer. The stage production will reopen on October 13 and run through November 6, with all proceeds going to Hurricane Katrina victims. ... from mtv.com
  9. enough rainbows in the background for this english guy? who cares what this guy thinks..hes still holding out for an n*sync reunion
  10. hes in like 2 scenes..jazz is his caddy, and kareem is playin golf in the stupid big blue outfit that hilary bought for uncle P. its was soo pointless
  11. Stupidist cameo ever- Kareem Abdul Jabbar..best cameo ever- Ben Vereen
  12. awesome..this should spike record sales..
  13. look after you vote..it sez "feel free to vote again" so obviously, the IP doesnt matter..but you people were voting 20,000 times on like saturday and sunday..they see that..and we cant vote 20000 again..we need to pick a max per person and stick w it
  14. they know were cheating..im sure this isnt the first time a vid was not played due to cheating
  15. check it out FP advances over 'cheers' http://www.boston.com/ae/tv/sitcom_theme_song_tourney/
  16. ok... Bet COmedy Awards Jazzy Jeff will be performing on the BET Comedy Awards 9/27 source: djjazzyjeff.com
  17. accoring to WS.com..he will perform at the BET comedy awards show
  18. ok did it all- ur awesome man thanks now i can do it
  19. uhh guys- u need to wait until 4:30 on monday, or they dont count
  20. i would if i could..but i cant fgure it out..can u idiot-proof it even further in your explaination? otherwise i guess ill just do it the old fashioned way
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