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  1. The entire special made me feel kind of emotional. It was really well put together. Missed some people but not everyone could be there. JJFP closing the show and seeing fans and artists in the crowd rapping along to Gettin Jiggy wit It, etc. **** was hype lol. People finally not embarrassed to just say F it, this music is dope, will smith is dope, this is hip hop.
  2. Here’s a clip, taken by Talib Kweli. looks to be post show. Will has the mic in his hand with Summertime playing so I’m guessing they closed the show which is dope! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzcNfFXosdA/?igshid=ZDJmM3NlbWJvZTN3
  3. It’s been a few months since the Oscar’s incident and the public hasn’t seemed to let up on him. There was a post I saw on Reddit a few days ago. It was an image from behind the scenes of Men in Black. A shot of Will sitting on a bench. The entire point of the post was to show how much work and equipment goes into filming on simple shot. In the comments some of the most upvoted comments had to do with his career being over now or making jokes like “keep my next film offer out your f’n mouth” (alluding to studios pulling offers or flat out no longer offering them to him.) im not condoning what he did, but it’s kind of absurd to me that one lapse in judgement and one completely uncharacteristic decision has erased more than 30 years of his public image. People have done way worse and have been embraced by the public upon their return. But people really seem to have an undeserved hatred of the Smith family, so much so that they’re happy Will is going through this. so ultimately, how can he bounce back? What does he have to do to win the public back?
  4. I recently had a chance to add something really dope to my collection. I'm hoping its one of the original tapes that were sent out in the late 90s and not a reproduction, but either way its a nice piece to own. Listened to this mixtape countless times, might be my favorite of his too. https://imgur.com/a/UcF58ty
  5. Honestly, the movies he had in production are in Limbo right now. I don't think he'll be able to pick up the Hollywood pieces for awhile. Will, Brother, use this time to find yourself again, because you've clearly lost something along the way. Get your mind right...Then maybe vent on some beats from Jeff and put that out in the time being. Go back to your roots.
  6. p.s. You know y'all can can contribute to this forum when things aren't crazy, right? well yes, but it’s kinda hard to when there isn’t much to talk about lol. Anyway, hi everybody. in the back of my mind I always thought once he got his first Oscar he might finally release some new music. but that slap kind of overshadows everything.
  7. Keep in mind, I've often heard Will refer to individual songs or singles as "records"...so if you add up all his single and album sales, billboard charts, etc, he's probably around there.
  8. its a Cartoon featuring a bunch of rappers. Will is seen briefly at 1:23 washing his car. Just thought it was cool that Gambino added him into it.
  9. I know its only one word....but every version i have has it edited...and for some reason it bugs me. does anyone know where i can get an unedited version?
  10. the rust is shaking off. its been 13 years but we might finally get some real ish...
  11. coming out on my Birthday. can't wait. is it getting a physical release?
  12. doesn't really seem to be a "reboot" in the same vein as say Fuller House or Roseanne. Sounds like a new show with a similar theme....and realistically, the theme of "guy moves out of his comfort zone and hilarity ensues" is a common trope.....
  13. Yea I'm not a fan of this...What made Lost and Found great was that he just went into the studio and said what he wanted to say. He touched back to his roots and let go. Since then he's really had this complex about getting recognition and praise as a rapper, which is understandable. he's right. he should get all that...but this just sounds like he's trying too hard to get a hit and forcing that praise. Its a mashed up combination of different top 40 sounds that are hot right now and it just doesn't work. Just drop a verse, spit some rhymes...And the industry isn't dead its just evolved...Once upon a time more money and more airplay got you Gold Records...Today an unsigned artist can drop a track on Youtube and those views will be counted towards its "sales" so to speak. Will can spend all the money he has on getting this airplay (not saying that is what he's doing...) but if people don't like it and it doesn't get shared, etc its going to fall behind.
  14. i bought mine on BestBuy.com since i had a gift card, but i've seen it on Amazon as well...
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