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  1. http://www.tmz.com/ you have 2 scroll down..theres 2 things on will- the first is kinda dumb, but the second shows how much will loves his fans..its about 1/2way down the page heres the vid link if its easier..also, wait for a carlton spotting towards the end http://link.brightcove.com/services/player...bctid=483622874
  2. ok... Made in America..Six Degrees of Sep...BB..ID4...Enemy of the State..MIB...WWW...I, Robot...Sharktale...hitch...POH...There are at least 8 or 9 distiniguishable charachter sin these movies, it is all not the same person...if you think will smith in BB2 was the same as Will SMmith in Legend of BV, you have not seen either movie will picks bad movies? his lfetime total box office drawing is over 1.8 billion! His average for a film is over 120million!!! cmon, people would not pay that much just to see him play the same charachter over and over.. he didn't really "joke and goof around" in i,robot..all he did was relax as a charachter, it was part of the role..annnd i think thats it
  3. Yeah good for Tra-Knox. But what I tried to say is that the group dont exist anymore, and putting time into something that dont exist would be a waste of time... so spend time on Tra-Knox would be like.. going to church. theres a fine line between speaking your mind and saying stuff to purposely get other riled up..this is like, youre 3rd attempt to piss people off on this thread..first will is a terrible actor, and now God doesn't exist..i'm not saying you can't so it-freedom of speech, and you are welcome to post whatever you like..but why would you do it? don't you have anything better to do? if you feel he is not a good actor, and you certainly want everyone to know your opinions, why not back it up with some kind of facts? why is he not a good actor? controversy for the sake of controversy is, in my mind, the most immature thing ever
  4. hov is one the best..hopefully kanye will produce some of his new trax, and have a few verses as well
  5. yes we all knew it would happen, and now it has..couldnt be happier..maybe another jigga/kanye collab..but he sez in this article the album will be more "the black album" style, which i loved http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060914/ap_en_ce/music_jay_z
  6. "The fact that LL is working with him just seems like a rebellion against the people who feel are jerking his career around and ruining Hip-Hop's commerical side further." come on you cant really believe that..LL wants fans..he wants money..thats it..same as will did with L and F- however, will did it himself..id put money on the fact that in 6 months or a year LL will NOT say "a-HA- i never liked 50 i was just using him in a pawn for an elaborate scheme to show all you..blahblah"
  7. not a very flattering article..i never cared much for his music, but i respected him as an artist..not anymore http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1540065/2...?headlines=true the pic was bad enough to look at, but if he is unhappy with jay-z, there are better ways to resolve the situation than shooting his mouth off..this is how all that talkin s**t starts, and thats very 8th-grade..this dude needs to grow up
  8. I dont hear that, im sorry..and that would make absolutely NO SENSE
  9. he cares about the sales, but lets face it, he doesnt need more money-thats not why hes into it
  10. i dont know, it cant be the key...why would he reminisce about a key? he could reminisce about going outside, but nobody reminisces about a key
  11. thnx for posting..i think a jjfp album would not only sound sgreat, it could do well in the us..people here love that retro kind of thing, it could sell well
  12. yeah but it times to let it go..it happened a few yrs ago, and will responded in his most recent album..its buried at this point, i believe
  13. Dont really listen to LL..dont care much for him..and now that 50's involved, I dont think I care too..seems like a weak, sell-out move to me
  14. yes, lets follow in LFO's footsteps. They are def at the height of their popularity
  15. 1st off...u are taking this way 2 serious. 2nd, some of us have full time jobs and real responsabilities and posting on a message can't take up half of our day. But since u are so patiently waiting, i'll be sure 2 post the lyric-lacking styles of Kanye West 4 u with in a week. waiiiting... neverming within a week, eh? niiice..case closed, i think
  16. thanks..that will haunt my nightmares forever
  17. ok a.j. ive been waiiiiting still for all of these kanye west lines that make no sense that you promised me, and have given up my wait. when someone hates on someone else for a particular reason, and can back it up, i respect that. otherwise, it just seems kinda 'hater-ish'..and yes, a lot of commercial rap todays is garbage, but i would never put kanye in that category, nor would i for jay-z..they (alone with a select few others) are in an elite category, in my book, and I can enjoy their level of success while enjoying their rhymes..agree to disagree, i suppose
  18. sounds good..and not just an example..i believe you said that this wa s'nothing new' for him, implying that he does it all the time..ill take quite a few examples
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