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  1. STIIIIILL waiting to hear some of these famous Kanye lyrics that make no sense that some of you r talkin about
  2. i am seeing a lot of 'his lyrics dont make sense'..can some of you provide substantial evidence of this in his lyrics?
  3. of course Ye shouted him out, he knows tru hip hop..its not a diss at all..like ive said, kanye is one of the best rappers out there (in my opinion) and for him to mention will is fantastic
  4. hitch "The CHamp is Here!"(hint: it starts with an A)
  5. it was a practice swing, its all good..cool vid
  6. nick seems like a cool dude..but his songs are soo lame..awful
  7. yep, def..oh well at least i got some tix for sat's game- you goin?
  8. the devils are down 3-0 in their playoff series. im so pissed right now, I just had to vent. they will need to win 4 straight to win the series and advance..cant even express myself any better..just disgusted
  9. well, apparently, he pistol whipped some guy and shot him in the head..and then proof was going to fire another shot at him, when he was shot 3 times..if this turns out to be true..thats just sad, and suddenly i dont feel so bad for the guy
  10. im not all that excited about tonight he comes..the whole superhero thing has come and gone, except for obvious spiderman, superman, xmen, etc..id rather see him in something good
  11. didnt know where to post this..and I dont know what mag this was in, but it just came on..i saw it on cnn.,.she sez wen she met will, she was hardcore into drugs and alcohol, but he helped her out, etc..it was a cool news piece
  12. thank god..everyone else has sold out, i didnt want will to as well..
  13. Philly rapper-turned-actor Will Smith takes on a producing role in the new urban drama ATL which tells the story of a group of teens growing up in Atlanta living lives full of hip hop music and roller skating. i didnt know he was involved..looks like a really bad movie..
  14. I've always felt that with some better production on his beats, FP could take himself to a new level of commercial success. Now if thats a good or bad thing, that is debateable
  15. yeah there will b a jurrassic park 4, and there will b a new rocky movie..thats the thing, thats why i started the thread..these are all movies that have been green-lit
  16. on this website, it lists all new movies that are scheduled to come out. i was browsing and i found MIB 3. Is this a definite? anyways, heres the link: http://www.cinema8.qc.ca/affiche/index.asp
  17. the song blows, in my opinion..its sooo booring..im fallin asleep listenin to this
  18. to all those celebrating- merry christmas, happy holidays, + happy NewYr!!
  19. new article from mtv.com: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/15...005/story.jhtml
  20. he did go.. "Among the celebrities on the guest list were Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson."
  21. people dont seem too excited about the idea, read the comments: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/news/comments/?entryid=267114
  22. ugh..not a great actor..but a good entertainer..not close to will smith in the acting department
  23. ;lookin for the one' is my fav jjfp song..but its good that it wasnt really overplayed like 'jiggy' cuz then i probs wouldnt like it as much
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