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  1. I have to somewhat agree with Radewart on this one. Will Smith can't pass on something like this. It's a poor decision, no doubt. Jamie foxx is a good actor, but he does NOT command the screen like Will Smith does. Tarantino is an amazing director not just for critics, but for audiences too. No matter how good the movie is with Foxx, it would have been BETTER with Will Smith. Will is starting to embrace this "Family-Friendly" Persona, and while it may be somewhat lucrative (From his perspective), Will views his Family as more important that his Fans or even an Oscar. AND FOR THAT I have to admire him, no matter what his Professional decisions are. THAT BEING SAID... It's still a pretty bad decision. You DON'T turn down Tarantino! However, when you are WILL SMITH, you can turn it down and not lose a wink of sleep over it! :laugh: Anyway, I'm looking forward to Will's next projects MIB3 and M. Night's Movie. Both are gonna be fun.
  2. YEAH BOOOYEEEE!!! That's what I'm talking about. Good director + great actor = Amazing motion picture.
  3. Yeah, agree for the most part. You must learn from your mistakes!! SO true! I happen to do a lot of writing and I know it's a tough, tough business. That's why I made the comment about not giving up. If I had given up from all the hate I got, I would be half the writer I am today. Many writers and directors would say the same thing. In fact, most successful people will say the same thing, regardless of their profession. Perseverance is not the only trait, you're right, completely. It takes great skill and passion as well. And Will DOES need better directors. Spike would be great, Scorsese, Spielberg, even Cameron or Tarantino. However, I don't give up hope on M. Night because he has proven his skill on multiple occasions. Its like when people say George Lucas is a bad director because of the Star Wars prequels. To me, that's silly. He proved his skill and vision. And created something unforgettable. M. Night has done the same. His passion comes through in each movie, even when the skill is not there. I'm sure the movie won't win best picture, but it won't be the end of Will's career, or Jaden's either. I'm looking forward to it. Not everybody is, and that's cool, but I think it will be a good time at the movies! :laugh:
  4. I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOOOOVE IT! Best Movie news I've heard in a while! Shyamalan get a bad rap. You know why? Cuz he is a fantastic writer and Director, who happened to make a series of bad decisions. He is extremely talented, so much so, that he has continued to have an effect on the general public even though his recent movies have been garbage. That's what a good writer does, he doesn't give up. EVEN when haters continue to hate. Studios continue to have faith in him because he IS A GREAT DIRECTOR! And Honestly, do you guys really think that Will and his production company will allow Shyamalan to make something that is completely terrible? I doubt it. Not with the creative control that Will Demands. Look what he did with I Am Legend. He took a terrible Director and MADE the movie great. Having Jaden will help the Box office as well as The CGI and action that is sure to be in the movie. Will and Jaden have a chemistry and likability factor that OVERSHADOWS Shyamalan almost completely. Don't be so quick to write this one off yet y'all. You might just be surprised!
  5. AWESOME STUFF! His style really is cool and original. For me the Greatest rapper of all time. Style, fun, comedy, skill, performance, lyrics. And to do it without cursing??!!! AMAZING. THEN he became a movie star!!! Its really amazing when you think about it.
  6. You know whats funny about jaden's rap with Bieber? THE VERSE IS KINDA ILL!!!! I'm totally surprised.
  7. MAN it is good to be talking about new music again isn't it??!!! I keep checking back to the site off and on hoping for news like this. Sure at this point a lot of it is just rumor/conjecture, but its still fun. Lost and found was an amazing album, but I think if he's going to do anything now, it will be his last album, and getting people like the neptunes and Game, should guarantee an even larger audience, and should put the pressure on to make an even better album. all we can do is hope and wait.
  8. Man thats cool. IS THERE ANY DOUBT THAT WILL CAN'T MAKE AN ALBUM RIGHT NOW??? NOOOO! He's still got it! He can get the crowd going like NO OTHER! I love to see a Wyclef and Will song!
  9. Interesting to see Hancock up there, The movie may not be the Best, but the character is REALLY Awesome. His performance was right on.
  10. I'm SO into Lady Gaga right now as well!!! I didn't like the first song so much, but Poker Face is AWESOME!!! I'll have to check out the Album! Its not even my type of music but it could be cool.
  11. Yeah Bad Boys 3 would be great. I hope he can do both though.
  12. This is Interesting. I hope it isn't an April Fools joke. Here's the Link: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/showestnews.php?id=54141 A third movie would be great! I want a more serious, and darker one than MiB 2. And a little more Epic in scale. What do y'all think? :sipread:
  13. Man it must be cool to be able to take a break from working! Hard work and determination have their benefits. Last Pharaoh should be good. good writer, Randall Wallace.
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