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  1. First good track in 15 years, really like it. Hope he keeps it up!
  2. Hmm... At some point enough is enough.
  3. Its probably going to remain pretty dead... most boards are (except the ones about sport). But if Will were to announce a new album I could easily see how there would be massive activity for a few months. That would be fun, despite Will's releases the last two years have been pretty... ****.
  4. I doubt there will be any more full length albums but I do hope we get at least a bit more in the 2020s. Also, some of these tracks, like Get Lit (truly awful) are facepalm levels of bad while the latino ****, personally, dont really do it for me. I'd swap all the music the last ten years for one good, Jeff-produced FP track.
  5. Yes. There is a list. Google it. And no, no JJFP, but LL Cool J on third place though. Cant take anyone who lists The Sugarhill Gang seriously though.
  6. Random stuff! I hope we get a really clear and nice video from it. Guessing it will be a lot of the "super hits" since its abroad but cant really complain about anything at this point.
  7. Its just not gonna happen. Might get a song or verse or show here and there, but Will Smith/JJFP is never going to release another album.
  8. I have a bad feeling they are going to take this excellent concept/idea and destrpy it by letting the second half of it becoming some Michael Bay action fiesta. I've seen it so many times in Hollywood. I hope not though as it look interesting.
  9. I think he worries about alienating the crowd he performs in front of. Most of the times Will or JJFP play live nowadays, they do it in front of people who came to see multiple acts or dont really have a deep connection to hiphop or JJFP. They want the "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" **** and Will probably feels it would be weird to leave those famous songs out. I do agree though. Will's time as a super-super-celeb is behind him, he has nothing to prove, and he should focus more on what he likes rather than what people wants.
  10. I like the beat and the song is.. okay.. but is there any way to edit out this Khaled person?
  11. Like it. Not like I'm gonna play it all day everyday but is a cute little track. Great to see something finally happening.
  12. Should be a great role for him tbh, actually looking forward to it.
  13. It was always a bad idea making this movie and it seems the producers has made some realisation that its far from a safe commercial success as well, so they fill it with bad rappers to secure the Adidas wearing wannabe-gangster audience. Its going to be bad, but when did Will do his latest wise career move..? A very long time ago.
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