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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=7543137875 he donated his MIIB suit to help those affected by this terrible hurricane. I was made aware of this by visiting (gasp) the willsmith.com messagebpard. very cool for will, i hope it raises some money. i cant afford to bid, but if any of u guys can, youo should give it a shot. peace
  2. i thought the lyric was "rice on the buddha lazy"..not that that helps..i dunno wat it means
  3. if yur pissed about the video..and u need a laugh.. http://planters.com/dancing/ click on the "jiggy" dance and he busts out some will smith moves :wickedwisdom:
  4. I officially dont care about this vid anymore..if they release it, great, if not, i wouldnt b surprised..im tired of getting jerked around by these record companies
  5. yeah but all of those other songs are old as hell..i dont think this list has been refreshed in a very long time
  6. yo..definetly..it was a great feeling..sometimes the anticipation of something is better than getting it..but will really met the hype
  7. hmm..after considering..how are they going to premiere a vid during an awards show..never heard of this before.
  8. wow..so every weekend, i check mtv.com for the trl website..cuz they post their guests for the week, as well as new premieres. and i saw something, and got all excited..turned out to be : Monday 8.22 We get a 1st Look at Sean Paul's latest party-starter. The phrasing of this really gets me..and no sign of will this week on trl..no video..same old same old
  9. is that based on info or just a guesstamate? im so damn desperate 4 this vid.. :damnlorettas:
  10. hey ya'll..been in vegas for a while, good 2 b back..andway, on collegehumor.com they ran an article on will. pretty funny..heres the link http://collegehumor.com/ enjoy
  11. ok we all know that will can be cheesy at times..not that thats a bad thing ..but sometimes it makes me cringe..like in switch, when he does his whole "what you too cute to dance..or are u scared" thats maaaad cheesy..also if 'if u cant dance..slide'- when he says 'a dude was was od'ing..overdancing'...soooo cheesy..just wondering if any of yall agree, or have other cheesy moments from the record..there arent many with L+F
  12. there are better ways than bobmbs to "awaken people" :stickpoke:
  13. l and f has good numbers for one single. now if we could just get another one going..cuz hes :sinking:
  14. :yeahthat: he sucks..and doesnt deserve a topic on such a good board
  15. just an idea, cuz im curious- but post here if you have heard party starter on the radio in your area, and where that area is..im in northern jersey..and i havent heard it yet
  16. and doesnt sony put out the NOW cd's? haha ironic
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