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  1. i know a few ppl know a bit about computers here, so i hope u can help me! i think it has a virus , it does things like this annoying pop up that says IE error and it just keeps popping up i got about 300 of them on my screen the other day. The computer is really slow and it wont get some websites up. Does any1 know what virus it is or if they know of any free virus eliminator things. Its either that or this thing is going out of the window, im begging u HELP!!! :tear: :cussing:
  2. I can remmember the episode but not the song, they played Marvin Gaye sexual healin a lot, was it that 1?
  3. [quote=jj,fp2004+May 2 2004, 07:35 PM]i'm into soccer too, i'm a big fan of liverpool but i'm also into basketball.... i think the final four was live on NBA TV. there is a player in maccabi tel aviv named Anthony Parker and i would'nt be surprised if you'll see him next year in the nba, scouts from the pistons came to see him yesterday and the are interested in him now. you're right bigted, so far the series are quite predictable and i realy wanted the rockets to win because i don't like the lakers... let's hope the rest of the games will be much more unpredictable and closer.[/quote] wow im a Liverpool fan too (well sort of im not that into football), im from near there. Where r u from?
  4. the thing that caught my eye was the fact that he rapped with his mouth wired shut, i was like wow how do u do that. I think tho these days u have to settle 4 rappers like kanye, he's is the best thats out there right now, hopefully his positive lyrics will spark that off in more up and coming rappers and maybe even inspire Will 2 release his album, like the fugees did in 96. We really need some1 like that to make hip hop take a turn away from all this commercial crap.
  5. LMBO!! u r all posting at different times anyway. but its 1.20 pm now here in liverpool UK, like it matters
  6. ive voted a few times from other ppls computers lol, i was just voting on behalf of them.
  7. lol funny u should say that, im actually really into kanye west at the mo, we r a bit behind in britain tho so i ve only heard thru the wire, the song with dilated ppl and the twister 1, but i like what im hearing.
  8. i think he's very different from other rappers bcoz he isnt afraid 2 do what he wants. When all the other rappers say he's weak coz he doesnt cuss in his records, he doesnt care and just keeps doing his thing. Its hard 2 find other rappers that are so laid back like fp that just wanna make feel good tracks and dont care about money or looking gangster. I think lyirically he is a lot more intelligent than others too, i still miss things in his songs that are really smart and whitty.
  9. [quote=Hero1,Apr 30 2004, 12:12 AM]maybe dabrakes had just bought a copy of the bad boys II <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=dvd&v=55">dvd</a> and then got hit by a <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=car&v=55">car</a> [/quote] i guess "da brakes" didnt work on that car then. hahahha sorry i couldnt resist, thats so not funny. :biggrin:
  10. [quote=Prince,Apr 29 2004, 09:54 PM]I may be mistaken, but Just_like_Will is you, Wild Child.[/quote] Im so glad u said that prince bcoz i thought that too and thought i was going insane.
  11. ok lets stop this now, i think we will have 2 agree to disagree. Some ppl like him, some ppl hate him and thats the end of that.
  12. OMG im so jelous lol. im glad u had a good time tho.
  13. oh lol sorry i missd that, im so blind.
  14. u forgot 3cookies , shes gone too :tear: Da brakes is probably doing more strange adverts lol.
  15. i voted seperate just bcoz it might be slighty quicker. so u dont have to wait around 4 your partner to post. Maybe we can do another partner 1 next battle.
  16. My Ali has got a lot of extras , its got: the making of Ali behind the scenes cast and crew soundbites trailer I wonder if i have the new dvd then, if not i guess i will have to buy a new 1.
  17. Will gets quite a lot of airplay in the UK, freakin it got quite a lot and MTV base played both 1000 kisses and so fresh. If i can remmember right i think freakin it got 2 number 9 in the charts. i didnt mind the song that much, lyrically it was really good, but i think there were better songs from Willenium that could have been released. I think he can easily sell a lot of records over here with his new album (eventually).
  18. I think the fact that we havnt heard any more info on the album 4 a while now, might mean its gonna be later in the year, but at least we have the shark tale songs that will be out october ish and maybe even a song 4 I, Robot, so thats the only thing that keeps me going right now, coz im gonna explode too.
  19. ok the trick is to wait on ur own like a lemon 4 a while and then ppl c u and turn up, only now its really late and i need to go 2 bed.
  20. yeah i never go in there coz i can c ppl arnt in there, but a few ppl r online. It would b cool if we could start it up properly but there isnt enough ppl that come here. Ok im online the same time as u now, so i will go there now. and probably talk 2 myself like a nut.
  21. at least u have snow, i must have seen snow about 5 times in my life lol. Then its sunny 4 about 5 days a year and the rest its rains or its too cold. Ok im officially an old woman now im talking about the weather, and we where just saying how old we r getting, i think im 19 going on 80!!!
  22. im normally ok 2 post but i cant on tuesdays coz i work 12 hrs, but it always turns out that i need 2 post on that day lol. I think especially with the voting that can be a lot quicker bcoz it only takes a couple of minutes 2 post 4 that. Just post the rules up and if ppl dont follow them show no mercy and disqualify them, and that includes me lol.
  23. yeah i thought he said dog mess. we need one of those polls lol, dog mess or darkness?????????
  24. Ive always wanted to live in the USA, i really was planning too when i was younger, but then i realised ive got too much 2 leave behind. I wouldnt know any1 over there and my job is too different in the USA. When i ve got enough money im gonna visit loads, ive got all my holidays planned out, it would be nice 2 get away from this stupid British rain lol.
  25. yeah we had a few discussions, i think it was on the old board about who is a christian and who isnt. I dont think we should go down that road again coz it went on forever.
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