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  1. wow that sounds really interesting, seeing Will being a bit evil 4 a change. thanx 4 the info!
  2. I liked this album mainly because of the mix of hip hop and classical guitar, the only other person that can pull that off is wyclef. Ive been playin the guitar 4 half my life now and its great to hear so much of it in this album. Born to Reign - a great track and i love the agressiveness in this song, Will leaves u wanting more, so its a bit of a shame it wasnt longer. Fantastic lyrics too! Act like you know - great beat just makes u wanna dance, it has a real feel good vibe 2 it too. I cant stop - Love the latin feel of the song, and again makes me wanna dance lol. 1000 kisses- a completely underated song, and after i heard the live verson, i loved it even more, there was so mich energy tra knox did a really good job on this, the harmonies are amazing. Willow is a player - I really liked the way Will sang in this one, plus the lyrics are so clever and not many ppl get them. How da beat goes - best track of the album and thats all i hav 2 say about that 1. Block party - nice chilled feel to this 1, guitars are great, i didnt used 2 like it much but its grown on me so much. Give me tonite - the first thing that struck me when i heard this song was the guitar sample, its one of my fav guitar tracks called classical gas by mason Williams and ive been playing it 4 a few years. So when i heard it, it was like jaw 2 the floor. I gotta go home - good subject to write about, im sure every guy can realate to that. Nice summer feel to it. Maybe - gotta admit its one of my east faves of Wills , bit since there is no negativity allowed i like the harmonies from tra knox and Wills lyrics are cool too. Momma knows - again i dont like this 1 that much, but lyrics are good. Nod ya head - ok so it might be a bit cheesy but its a bit of fun, u can dance 2 it and it was a hit what more can u ask 4. :biggrin:
  3. grrrrrrrrrrrr just got this email (eventually) from trouble Hi Julie, Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately we have no plans to show a new series of All Of Us any time soon. The only thing I can suggest is that you keep an eye on the channel, website and your TV guide for any news of a return. I will, however, pass your comments on to our channel editors. Best Wishes, Trouble Im so angry, stupid channel :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing: the thing is it doesnt make much sence since the first series hasnt even been aired, i didnt ask 4 a second series??????????
  4. i was just wondering my group thing recently changed to a potna, i was just wondering what this meant, coz some ppl r members and some are potnas.
  5. yeah i think they have a done a good job attracting the action junkies with that trailer, but the ppl who want a deeper film will be attracted to it purely bcoz of Alex Proyas and the whole I, Robot story.
  6. Happy birthday, have a drink 4 me :biggrin:
  7. I saw an advert on trouble today that the show eve will be starting soon, which was a show piloted the same day as All of us. Slowly but surely they are playing all of those new shows so hopefully soon All of us will be shown in the UK. :biggrin:
  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :drink: u can have a bday kiss from all the girls :kiss: lmao :cheesygrin:
  9. if there is no disadvantage thats fine with me.
  10. i cant argue with that, about 3 weeks to wait and its just after my birthday. I think bb2 was about 3 months 2 wait. 4 months and 17 days 2 go woohoo! :biggrin:
  11. thats a really hard question coz its probably all of those things, i chose humour because not many other rappers can do that, but i would also choose the rest if i could.
  12. wow thanx AJ, i always wondered what that meant, i think ive heard it with Toni Braxton too, but like u said he's worked with 100s of ppl.
  13. ive learnt a lot from this post, maybe thats y i dont have a boyfriend at the mo, coz i dont make the first moves lol. I think at the end of the day no1 wants to make the first move with the fear of being rejected. Maybe u should take a chance, like the man said "nothings worth having if its not worth the fight". :biggrin:
  14. Isnt there a special episode of tfpoba that Jeff hosts, its the only fp i havnt seen, it would be so amazing if that was realsed as bonus footage.
  15. i doubt even Will knows when he is gonna release it, he might wait until the shark tale and i,robot soundtracks have come out and see how the public takes them. Or a record company might hear those soundtracks and sign him.
  16. yeah i think Willenium had the perfect amount of party tracks and serious tracks. It would be fantastic 2 have an album like Willenium that sold as well has Big Willie Style, it aint gonna happen but u can always dream!
  17. Dont a lot of rappers say dark child randomly in there records, i never used to know what they said, i thought it was dar cha :confused: Its like they r giving u a shout out in their records.
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: :dancingcool: :biggrin: :dancingcool: :biggrin: :dancingcool: :biggrin: the first one of the board, u should be honoured. :cheesygrin:
  19. thanx, ive been looking forward 2 this album. I dont have time 2 listen to them now so i cant give my verdict, but i do love the first single. It has a nice feel good sound 2 it. I just wish she hadnt flashed her boob, that just made bad publicity. :peace:
  20. haha there used 2 be an old hip hop thing to tag trains. then one morning i was gettin the train and the whole back carrage had graffitti on it. I thought it was really funny but im sure it came out of my pocket to clean it up. I think u should do it, but again b really careful were u do it. :biggrin:
  21. I dont know about this getting girls to make the first move. I mean i would drop hints and stuff that i liked some1 but im too shy to do anymore. makin moves is the guys job. If i were u sonic i would make it obvious 2 her that u like her, c if she seems to feel the same way, if she does go 4 it, i wouldnt wait around 4 her.
  22. cool thanx!!!! Those robots really are evil, i hope the future isnt gonna b like that, i refuse 2 have an evil robot working 4 me.
  23. I think another full JJFP album would be fantastic, but i dont really think they should go under that name. At the end of the day its all about promotion and the only reason any of the albums didnt sell was because of poor promotion coz all there albums are dope. I think using Wills name helps with promotion coz these days ppl know him better as Will Smith. The only down side to that, is that his real name is associated with movies and i think he needs to break free from that tie he has with his music and movies. Coz these days he is known as Will Smith the actor and it shouldnt be that way. I think their success is completely in the hands of the record company. Ive seen artists failing with really rubbish songs, but then their record company has come in and pushed the songs so hard that they have been a success even tho they r rubbish (if that makes sence). So if their record company pushed promo really hard they have garanteed success. But again this is just my opinion. :biggrin:
  24. sorry im late again!!!!!!!!!!!! well at least im not last lol Here i am ready again to be the victorious/ Just like the last partner battle, it be so glorious/ I was an underdog, you didnt see me coming/ I was new to the game, but i hit the ground running/ yeah, in the last battle i was 100-1/ But i went and came out, and straight up won/ Now i'm too good, man, I'm way out your league/ Those rhymes your trying to spit, its sounds like mental fatigue/ I wish i could battle 50, coz i'd probably win/ and show him that a white girl from Britain can do it better than him/ I just cant believe you came back for a second try/ I slaughtered you the first time and nearly made you cry/ Now these new folks who wanna claim this prize/ Get out quick while you can, thats what i'd advise/ You think your rhymes are so dope, blowing up like a bomb/ But really you incarcerated, just like saddam/ I gotta do this right, coz i'm representing the ladies/ Watch me shine so bright, like a brand new mercedes/ you dont need drugs, coz i'm a natural stimulant/ And getting high of my flows, don't you realise its imminent/ its ok though coz all your raps sins i will condone/ I dont need a partner this time, I can make it on my own/ Just like my day job, i be putting it down like science/ and reading these rhymes its like a lyrical reliance/ Your blind to your own faults, you must have conjuctivitis/ And then making us read them all, I'm sure its just to spite us/ Be embarrassed I beat you, coz i'm little in height/ But thats ok though, I just dont need fists to fight/ My rhymes are so smart, make yours sound like a fart/ Coming straight from my heart, to tear ya apart/ I'm hear today to become the biggest Willy/ Stop laughing Brits now that joke is getting silly/
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