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  1. cool news even if we cant c them live at least we can try and catch it on TV, plus like every1 said it might spark the chemistry off and we can get more jjfp! we must find out where these secret gigs r and at least one of us from here can go.
  2. hahahahhaa u gotta admit it does sound a bit rude, i wouldnt definatly interpret it like that, must be my dirty mind. Oh well if she performed it 4 Britneys fans im sure they have heard and seen worse. :biggrin:
  3. i kinda like him but only in other ppl s songs, coz i really liked his part in missys song and in usher new 1, but ive never really liked any of his stuff, strange. I bet most rappers really liked jjfp but it doesnt make them out to be the hard rappers they r meant to be lol.
  4. lol this quick battle isnt going very well is it, haha we cant get passed the sign up stage. Probably saw i was in and got scared, lol ok no. :biggrin:
  5. erm i dunno wot aim is lol, i have good intentions 2 share these songs with ppl but im rubbish at comps. plus i have a virus at the mo thats sweeping the country, i will get rid of the virus tonight and if any1 wants to teach me how do get this streaming audio thing i will b glad 2. u can PM or email me and stuff.
  6. hahaha i cant belive u chatted up Jada, that story made me laugh so much . That is the greatest way to meet a celeb, u must have been so scared when he was standing there, i spose ur really lucky Will is a nice guy coz anopther celeb might have slapped u lol.
  7. ok i will start this off since i was the 1 with the idea, here is a link 4 a particualry embarassing1 when i went to the rocky horror show. Im the 1 on the right pulling the bizarre expression. We actually went on the train looking like that and when to a theatre lol. If ppl post thiers i will post more. [url="http://groups.msn.com/preepreesmadness/kimmiesmadworld.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=348"]http://groups.msn.com/preepreesmadness/kim...oto&PhotoID=348[/url]
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ!!!! hope this next year of ur life is better than the last 1 and i hope all the rain goes and the sun shines again. :peace: :biggrin: coz u deserve it man
  9. he's the dj, im the rapper, he raps so fast in that song, u hear him struggling 2 breathe sometimes.
  10. no he doesnt coz i saw that interview AJ is talking about, it was inside the actors studio and the guy asked Will what the first line of parents was, and he ummd and ahhed 4 a while and some guy in the audience shouted " my parents went away on a weeks vacation ", and he said oh yeah and carried on with that verse, buts that isnt even the beginning of the song. then i also heard that TV total 1 and he had trouble remmembering the first line of MIB but then knew it after that. i think he knows a lot of them but has problems remmembering the start lol, but i also have the same problem coz if i wanna show off 2 my friends by knowing all the words i can never remmember the start, than its easy.
  11. [quote=FrshPrnceCharmng,May 5 2004, 03:37 AM]"I just saved money on my car insurance."[/quote] hahahahahahahahahahahah :bowrofl:
  12. Ive got some stuff off kazza but i dont know how 2 do streaming audio. If u have kazza u can look them up tho: 3 - Russians (remix) = kinda weird song its stings song mixed with freakin it. REM - summertime (remix) = i really cool chilled version of summertime. DMX, Dr Dre, drag on, Will Smith and Snoop dog, mo money mo problems = this is really good bcoz all the rubbish artists r b4 Will then when Will does wild wild west its like a relif and u realise again how much better Will is than any1 else, lol the only problem is the person who mixed it isnt that good and some of Wills bits dont fit. Q Mix, Will Smith vs Allstars = another weird 1 Wills bsc mixed with iggy pop and the fugees. Panjabi MC summertime remix (bangra) = this is great Will doesnt actually rap in it, but its summertime with an indian style twist, i love it coz its a pure chill song. Chamkila - preeto de gar vs Will Smith = similar to the one above its gettin jiigy mixed with indian songs. Will Smith - Men In Black (remix) = this 1 is actually official (shock horror!) Will is basically rapping the same part but changing it every so slightly lol, worth downloading tho. Will Smith - gettin jiggy wit it remix = Will mixed with that song that fatman scoop sampled. Will Smith - Wild Wild west (unreleased remix) = just www with a different beat. Wil Smith f/ Pun, JD, Roc, Camron - gettin jiggy wit it = now this is the one u want, a new Will rap that ive only found on this remix, dont know where or how or if it was released, its been mentioned on this site b4 Will Smith - Boom shake the room (remix) = just boom woth a different beat, i think its on the boom single. So basically if u have kazza u can just type in thier titles if not some 1 can teach me how to do streaming audio and i will put them on here.
  13. thats so amazing!!!!! we definatly need more details of ur convo, was it in London? please tell me u asked about his new music, if not in future if any1 from this site meets him we: 1. ask him about the album 2. tell him about this site lol.
  14. ok if u post the pic of u in a kilt i will post an embarassing pic of me, i have lots so u have a choice: a Moulin rouge outfit (it was 4 a dance) my costume 4 the rocky horror show me with various animal hats on a cowgirl outfit a cheerleader I have been 2 a lot of fancy dres parties lol. but i will only post them if u post ur kilt. In fact lets do a whole link of ppls emarassing photos. lol, i get the feeling this wont be popular. :biggrin:
  15. tell ya wot angle girl, i'll swap with u, u can live here in england, and i will move 2 cali.
  16. i know a few ppl know a bit about computers here, so i hope u can help me! i think it has a virus , it does things like this annoying pop up that says IE error and it just keeps popping up i got about 300 of them on my screen the other day. The computer is really slow and it wont get some websites up. Does any1 know what virus it is or if they know of any free virus eliminator things. Its either that or this thing is going out of the window, im begging u HELP!!! :tear: :cussing:
  17. I can remmember the episode but not the song, they played Marvin Gaye sexual healin a lot, was it that 1?
  18. [quote=jj,fp2004+May 2 2004, 07:35 PM]i'm into soccer too, i'm a big fan of liverpool but i'm also into basketball.... i think the final four was live on NBA TV. there is a player in maccabi tel aviv named Anthony Parker and i would'nt be surprised if you'll see him next year in the nba, scouts from the pistons came to see him yesterday and the are interested in him now. you're right bigted, so far the series are quite predictable and i realy wanted the rockets to win because i don't like the lakers... let's hope the rest of the games will be much more unpredictable and closer.[/quote] wow im a Liverpool fan too (well sort of im not that into football), im from near there. Where r u from?
  19. the thing that caught my eye was the fact that he rapped with his mouth wired shut, i was like wow how do u do that. I think tho these days u have to settle 4 rappers like kanye, he's is the best thats out there right now, hopefully his positive lyrics will spark that off in more up and coming rappers and maybe even inspire Will 2 release his album, like the fugees did in 96. We really need some1 like that to make hip hop take a turn away from all this commercial crap.
  20. LMBO!! u r all posting at different times anyway. but its 1.20 pm now here in liverpool UK, like it matters
  21. ive voted a few times from other ppls computers lol, i was just voting on behalf of them.
  22. lol funny u should say that, im actually really into kanye west at the mo, we r a bit behind in britain tho so i ve only heard thru the wire, the song with dilated ppl and the twister 1, but i like what im hearing.
  23. i think he's very different from other rappers bcoz he isnt afraid 2 do what he wants. When all the other rappers say he's weak coz he doesnt cuss in his records, he doesnt care and just keeps doing his thing. Its hard 2 find other rappers that are so laid back like fp that just wanna make feel good tracks and dont care about money or looking gangster. I think lyirically he is a lot more intelligent than others too, i still miss things in his songs that are really smart and whitty.
  24. [quote=Hero1,Apr 30 2004, 12:12 AM]maybe dabrakes had just bought a copy of the bad boys II <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=dvd&v=55">dvd</a> and then got hit by a <a href="http://www.ntsearch.com/search.php?q=car&v=55">car</a> [/quote] i guess "da brakes" didnt work on that car then. hahahha sorry i couldnt resist, thats so not funny. :biggrin:
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