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  1. yeah thats what i thought, coz she has nice curves but then the beat bit doesnt make sence. :dunno:
  2. [url="http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/030904chatlist.html"]http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/030904chatlist.html[/url] there isnt much info yet. but scroll down to the bottom where it says general info.
  3. yeah 3cookies was posting loads and then she stopped. Maybe they are really busy and i think 3cookies was having computer problems so it could b that too.
  4. I think chasing forever is the best love song but i agree it might be a bit too strong 4 some1 u have only been with a few weeks. So i would go 4 something a little lighter like, " the things that u do"
  5. Ive been tryin to get more info on the dvd and i found this thing called dvd decision 2004. Its where warner bros let the public vote on what dvd they want releasing. Im not sure tho if its just films or tv too. If we r able 2 vote 4 fpoba its gotta win, so many ppl will vote 4 it. Anyways there is no thing set up yet 2 vote but i will try and get a link when it comes.
  6. just think tho, they would have had 2 payed $80 a head then, and they might not have had that money on them. I know Will has loads of money but he doesnt nessecarily carry it on him. Also it wasnt fair 2 let other ppl in without them paying.
  7. ive not seen it but ive read about it. U cant immatate fpoba, they will never have the same kind of success.
  8. yeah whenever customers are horrible to me im also so nice to them, it must annoy them so much. Its crazy the things ppl will say to you tho, i wouldnt dream of shouting at some1 in a shop etc. Ive had some woman cussin down the phone at me and she even threatened to kill my boss. I work in such a crazy neighbourhood. It really scared me tho i was calm on the phone but when i put it down i was shaking so much. I think tho at a vets u get more angry ppl than normal bcoz its a horrible place 4 ppl to go, they are worried about their animals and its very expensive.
  9. Well i wanted 2 b a Veterinary nurse since i was 8 years old, a lot of ppl (teachers, parents etc) told me i couldnt do it and it was too difficult a job 2 get into. I decided 2 ignore them and go 4 it. So i went 2 college and studied animal care for 2 years. When i finished i got a crappy job in a pet shop. I had 2 sell a lot of fish and i didnt know much about them. So when i was working there i still looked 4 my dream vet nurse job. I got it only 3 months after working my crappy job. Ive been there over a year now and i love it. I consider myself so lucky to enjoy my job. Basically im like a hospital nurse but to animals instead of humans. I feed them ,clean them ect and give them medication. I have 2 do reception, i love working wth the public, but i lot of them are really weird. I get yelled at and i have 2 deal with ppl that are really upset bcoz there animal was put to sleep. The best part is helping with operations, i basically shave the animals and prep the op area and just help the vet with the aneastetic (sp?) machine and stuff. Its gonna get better tho too coz i go 2 college 1 day a week, at the mo im studying all the science side of it and basic first aid, but next year i get to do more medical things and can even do minor surgery. The only down side is the hours i have to work. Youve probably heard me complain about how tired i am, coz every tuesday i have 2 do a 12 hr shift and its hard coz im on my feet all day. I also do a lot of weekends, and im always hung over at work on a sunday lol. wow ive written so much but thats how much i love my job, it just really feels great to help make animals better and when the owner thanx u and is so pleased that u helped there pet. We also deal a lot with rescue animals and wildlife, nobode else cares about pigeons, but i clean them damn things out every day lol. So that is my dream job and im gonna stick with it as long as i can and be fully qualified. :biggrin:
  10. few i thought Will was gonna act in Mr President,im so glad he is just producing it, i hate bow wow! He's so annoying.
  11. yeah and guanranteed every hot day in the summer the radio stations will play summertime. Its such a classic over here. but boom and summertime where the only jjfp hits in the Uk, of what i can remmember anyway.
  12. happy birthday Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin: hope your having a good time :peace:
  13. well done peeps! It was a tough job 4 us judges, even if there werent many of us. :peace: :dancingcool:
  14. plus ive looked all over amazon and stuff 4 it and ive found nothing, also who would he release this under? I think we have enough evidence 2 say this isnt real, and that was a bit of a let down 2 say the least. :tear:
  15. yeah as much as i love www, it didnt fit in on that album, just think holla back was probably taken off 4 it, and that song is amazing. Holla back would have fit in that spot so much better.
  16. a little bit off topic, but i was at a club last night and i was on the dancefloor and there must have been ppl that where 18- 30, the DJ put Boom shake the room on, the whole dance floor came alive, and loads of ppl new the dance from the video. i was like wow this is so cool. Ppl were singing along and new all the words, ten years ago and that song still makes a dance floor go wild. :dancingcool:
  17. thats really dumb, its just a kids movie, how is that offensive. Im sure the Italian actors that did the voices wernt offended by it. Some ppl take this rasism and equalilty thing too far. if your gonna complain, complain about all the violent mob movies there are not an animation.
  18. i only got fooled by my local radio station, all morning they where giving out the wrong time. I kept thinking i was an hour late but i looked at all my clocks and they where right. It really confused me. Then 4 the rest of the morning i was so paranoid coz the Vet i work with always plays tricks on me, and i am the most gullable person in the world, but nothing happened after all that worrying.
  19. wow it would be amazing if it was real, but this isnt another one of those april fools like Jim did is it? Im not sure what to make of it. Its a lot of money but id definatly get it, if it was real. :dunno:
  20. 19. i also noticed that the fans are also from so many different countries and different races. I dont think another rapper could do it like that.
  21. oh ok, i asked a similar question on the other topic but just ignore that. I will vote right away.
  22. yeah does every1 who didnt join in this round vote now, do we pm u Devilsjim coz Prince aint back yet is he?
  23. thanx, funny interview :biggrin:
  24. haha i loved that song, i still have it somewhere on my simpsons sing the blues album LMBO. it is definalty in jjfp style, the story telling and things. in fact im gonna find it and put it on now and reminise. :biggrin:
  25. yeah recently ive just been buying stuff that was out b4 i got into hip hop, i need to go out and get all of Janets old stuff, got 1 more jjfp album 2 get. the most recent 1 i got was outcast and i dont even like it that much,i thought it was a bit overated.
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