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  1. i only recently got my dvd player with this comp, but i have. six degrees of separation bad boys id4 men in black enemy of the state wild wild west Ali men in black 2 bad boys 2 fairy tales 4 every child (Will does a voice in it, im not into that kind of thing) plus i have the video of where the day takes you non will smith movies include Bruce almighty moulin rouge monsters inc ice age the muppets Justin Timberlake live hahaha how many kids movies do i have
  2. cool thanx :biggrin: did u notice he said "i spend hours on the internet" omg he has 2 come here. Do u think he is registered, who could it be. ok we have already discussed this, shutting up now.
  3. ive been a proper "hardcore" fan since Willenium, but i liked Boom and summertime when i was little but didnt know who they where, so i guess that doesnt count lol.
  4. i cant think of a lot of them right now but some of my faves are "When u all that u gonna get dissed" "another brother couldnt control his head, the other 1 code red" hahaha i never got that 1 till some1 pointed it out, now its hilarious "the rain must flow , so the seeds of joy might grow" :peace:
  5. I think Will is prob the most down 2 earth celebrity there is BUT i think money and fame will change any1, even if its just a little bit. I mean it like when celebs spend money on really dumb stuff like a gucci coller 4 the dog, its just gonna get poo on it lol. I know they have the money 2 spend on it, but they do buy some pretty dumb stuff. Im not sayin Will does but i think if i became famous it would 4 one give me a massive ego boost ad i think it would be difficult not 2 say 2 some1, "go and get me a drink now". they have a lot of yes men around them and it must be hard not 2 get bossy. Im hopin this post doesnt get read the wrong way but i dont believe any1 could stay completely the same, no matter how hard they try.
  6. wow u guys have a lot of Cds i dont have that many , not coz of money reasons but because i can never find that many albums i like 2 buy. but here is my list, the artists are in order of how much i like them. Will Smith - Born to reign Will Smith - Big Willie Style Will Smith - Willenium jjfp - greatest hits jjfp - code red jjfp - homebase jjfp - and in this corner jjfp - hes the Dj jjfp - platinum and gold collection Maximum Will Smith TLC - 3D TLC - Fanmail TLC - Crazy Sexy Cool TLC - OOOooooooOOOOoooohhh on the TLC tip Lisa Left eye Lopez - Supernova Micheal Jackson - off the wall Micheal Jackson - Thriller Micheal Jackson - Bad Micheal Jackson - Dangerous Justin Timberlake - Justified Destinys Child - Survivor Destiny's child - the writings on the wall Beyonce - Dangerously in love Aaliyah - Aaliyah Aalyah - one in a million Janet Jackson - All 4 u Shaggy - hot shot 2pac - greatest hits Wyclef Jean - the ecleftic LL Cool J - 10 Nelly - Nellyville (Sorry!) R kelly - the R in RnB the very best of pure RnB eternal - greatest hits Britney Spears - oops i did it again Britney Spears - Britney Sisqo - unleash the dragon R Kelly - TP2.com Jennifer Lopez - JLo Outcast - Speakerboxxx/the love below wow i had more than i thought.
  7. hahahahahahahaha :bowrofl: doesnt Prince charles wear kilts and stuff too, are they something 2 do with scotland. lol i dont even know. We will have 2 question him when he is back lmbo! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  8. damn man i got 5 of those tracks, i dont know about the remixes but it cant be many. :eek4:
  9. i think columbia should have listened to the fans more than they did, coz we all like pretty much the same songs from B2R. Block party is the best example and it seems 2 b the favourate from the album, if columbia would have listened 2 us and released it, it definatly would have been a hit. Also on Willenium, ppl seemed 2 want the rain to be released, that would have given Will so much more credibility as a rapper than the songs columbia got released. and i think from the songs that where released just showed Will as a fun rapper and didnt show his deep side.
  10. i managed 2 catch the repeat last night, but i had just got in from a party and was a bit drunk so i couldnt give every1 all the details lol. Jada was laughing a lot tho, and talking about how she always meets the girls that Will is working with in his movies lol. She was there talking about Wicked wisdom and the tour and stuff, but she didnt sing anything which was dissapointing.
  11. "How da beat goes", i love that song, i cant help but dance 2 it, but "Born 2 Reign" is great it just needed 2 be a full song.
  12. yeah i know what the joke is, but i dont wanna say coz i read it somewhere and it completely ruined the joke 4 me. So every1 will just have 2 c it. Im not gonna go the cinema 2 c a little clip of Will but i will get it out on video lol.
  13. Jeff : great idea 4 these new camaflage clothes Will. Will: yeah see the way we match the background, now no1 will notice us around the hood.
  14. the site has been updated a bit. there is info on each character and a sound clip from them, its really funny. www.sharktale.com
  15. but its kinda like when you ask ur mum for something and she says "we'll see" and then it never happens. that always means no.
  16. id quite like Will to collabe with some RnB singers like: Janet Jackson would have said Micheal Jackson but maybe thats not a good idea right now lol T boz and Chilli JLo but out of the rappers i would have 2 agree with LL cool J and Kel.
  17. im really l;ooking forward to this movie, its good that Will isnt doing another sequal bcoz u kinda know what to expect with them and he is also going bk doing his sci- fi roots. my expectations are excellent 4 sure.
  18. id like to hear an album from tra knox, i agree there was too much of them on B2R coz that was Wills album not thiers. But it would be interesting to hear some stuff from them. They r kinda like the new B2k but less annoying and with hopefully less annoying fans lol.
  19. im upset now :tear: :tear: :tear: there are so many of those i dont have!!!!!!
  20. oh dont worry about it prince im fine with the rules. im actually quite glad bcoz this week has been hectic at work and im doing too many hours so i wouldnt have been able 2 write until the weekend anyway and i would have kept every1 waiting. But every1 watch out in the next battle!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  21. i used to watch it in the mornings on summer holidays, mainly 4 something 2 do. i'd never watch it now tho lol. i didnt c the episode with summertime on it tho.
  22. :eek4: OMG i got the best score and i didnt get thru :tear: oh well im happy with that achievement any way. Well done every1. :biggrin:
  23. hahahahahahha :bowrofl: :bowrofl: yeah y is that funny in the USA, the one that really got me was when Uncle Phil said "im going 2 stuff my fanny pack" now i dunno if fanny means the same is Australia too, but i couldnt stop laughing 4 so long after that. 4 the amercians, lets just say that in britain the fanny is opposite from the Willy LMAO
  24. wow that sounds really interesting, seeing Will being a bit evil 4 a change. thanx 4 the info!
  25. I liked this album mainly because of the mix of hip hop and classical guitar, the only other person that can pull that off is wyclef. Ive been playin the guitar 4 half my life now and its great to hear so much of it in this album. Born to Reign - a great track and i love the agressiveness in this song, Will leaves u wanting more, so its a bit of a shame it wasnt longer. Fantastic lyrics too! Act like you know - great beat just makes u wanna dance, it has a real feel good vibe 2 it too. I cant stop - Love the latin feel of the song, and again makes me wanna dance lol. 1000 kisses- a completely underated song, and after i heard the live verson, i loved it even more, there was so mich energy tra knox did a really good job on this, the harmonies are amazing. Willow is a player - I really liked the way Will sang in this one, plus the lyrics are so clever and not many ppl get them. How da beat goes - best track of the album and thats all i hav 2 say about that 1. Block party - nice chilled feel to this 1, guitars are great, i didnt used 2 like it much but its grown on me so much. Give me tonite - the first thing that struck me when i heard this song was the guitar sample, its one of my fav guitar tracks called classical gas by mason Williams and ive been playing it 4 a few years. So when i heard it, it was like jaw 2 the floor. I gotta go home - good subject to write about, im sure every guy can realate to that. Nice summer feel to it. Maybe - gotta admit its one of my east faves of Wills , bit since there is no negativity allowed i like the harmonies from tra knox and Wills lyrics are cool too. Momma knows - again i dont like this 1 that much, but lyrics are good. Nod ya head - ok so it might be a bit cheesy but its a bit of fun, u can dance 2 it and it was a hit what more can u ask 4. :biggrin:
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