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  1. everything by eminem , snoop dogg, dr dre, 50 cent and his g unit, bow wow, lil romeo. I really hate that new song i cant remmember his name but he raps tipsey, chingy right thurr, bubba sparxxx, vanilla ice, lol im not writing songs now im doing artists oops. yeah but pretty much what every1 else did and i worte all the recent artists.
  2. ok im gonna put a list up of both men and women , but just to make it clear i dont fancy these woman but it would be cool to look like em in the vids. 1. D'Angelo - untitled 2. Aaliyah - rock the boat 3. Will Smith - Wild Wild West (trust me it is!) 4. Destinys child - surviver 5.TLC - red light special
  3. i dont think england will win either, im gonna support them but i think they lost a friendly against a really rubbish team didnt they. i dunno i shouldnt talk about football im another person that doesnt know about the offside rule lol.
  4. i heard this song 4 the first time last night on a radio show called rhythm nation, i thought it was quite good, it kinda reminded me of mid 90's eara, which is good, well better than 2004 music.
  5. hehe u watch childrens BBC, lol im just kiddin, i think last summer my local radio station used summertime as like a background for when they talked, it was quite annoying tho, i was like just play the song!
  6. aw thats sux, i think its being shown on TV here on sat, do u know if Will was there presenting or anything or hasnt it been shown in other countries too? oh wait MTV will have pictures, i will go and find out.
  7. i think Will spends far too much time acting. but if u think about it Will has done a lot of albums over the years, i must own over 150 songs.It must be difficult to think of things fresh and new, so maybe he takes his time so he can get new sounds and ideas. But i hate it when he has a new album out and doesnt promte it as well as other artists do, and tour and stuff bcoz he is too busy acting.
  8. sorry dude been really busy, here is the sort of answer out of my book called Will Smith King of Cool. The renewed vigour behind the fresh prince of Bel Air did not leave the forth series entirely problem free. Some cast members felt Will Smith was weilding just a little too much power on the set. Actress Janet Hubert-Whitten, who played Aunt Viv, was suddenly fired. She claimed that Will was behind her departure from the ratings hit. "Anyone who stands up to Mr Smith on fresh prince is gone," she claimed when the story hit the press. "yes i reprimanded him constantly for being rude to people and locking himself in his room, but i did not slander him in any way". As far as Will is concerned, Hubert-whitten's departure was a case of professional jelousy. " I can say straight up that Janet wanted the show to be The Aunt Viv of Bel Air show", he claimed in response. "she's been mad at me all along. She said once:" ive been in this business for ten years and this snotty nosed punk comes along and gets a show?" No matter what, to her im just the anti-christ."
  9. [color=blue]Happy Birthday!![/color]
  10. my cats breath smells like cat food.
  11. natural settings, my ex took me to an expensive restaraunt on valentines day and it was so boring, i had to sit there and be polite and make a nice conversation without acting silly. I just like to go and have some fun somewhere like the beach or a picnic, unless they wanted to take me to kenya on safari but that wont happen lol.
  12. i always wondered why i prononced them marshmellows, my friend used to laugh at me for pronoucing it wrong, but its not me its american TVs fault. i once ate a hole bag full of marshmellows and was nearly sick.
  13. Alex proyas said Will isnt involved in the I, Robot soundtrack, its just a boring musical score that will be released. :tear: :eek4: We were grossley misinformed (by Will himself lol), i really wanted to prove those idiots wrong at the alex proyas site, but here is the link for the news ..... WARNING Will Smith haters alert. :cussing: [url="http://www.mysteryclock.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=815"]http://www.mysteryclock.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=815[/url]
  14. i have some details of this in my Will Smith book, i dont have time now to type it up but i might be able to 2moro, but basically she was jelous and called Will a snotty nosed kid or something along those lines.
  15. you see this is what happens when i go for 2 days. you all need to be supervised and stopped from falling into insanity. :poke: but to keep to the subject im member number 22 which stands for 2 little ducks quack quack. oh no now see what you have done!
  16. i really want Will to do that movie, (well id rather the album , but there is no sign of that yet) epics are definalty in right now, and if its anything like troy it will be fanstastic, that was such a good film. Im not really looking forward to last first kiss as much coz im not really into those kinda movies, im only seeing it for Will.
  17. wow thats so cool, something im sure every1 here would have loved to see, u r truly blessed lol. Hopefully it will inspire Will to perform more, we always say that but im just hoping it coes true.
  18. [url="http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/CFW/imageResults.aspx?s=ImagesSearchState|0|15|0|1|||0|0|0|0|7|will+smith&p=7"]http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/CF...|will+smith&p=7[/url] i hope this link works (sorry i cant do links 4 pics at all), if not, its on page 6. But i have to get one of these T shirts, how cool would that be walking round with an advert on u lol. Cant imagine it would do much 4 my figure tho ha.
  19. i think this song was mainly towards eminem, but can be towards most commercial rappers too, but as for Will sounding like eminem, i think its bcoz Wills rap is agressive and we mainly associate agressivness with eminem, but i dunno it could be an immitation. but one thing is for sure Wills rap is a lot better than wot eminem could do lol.
  20. lol yey!!! :thumb: we cant c ur head tho so how do we know its u, lol no its ok i believe u. well done prince, so now its Tims turn.
  21. cool so we have I,Robot July/August, shark tale in October and Last First kiss in feb, so we dont have to wait very long in between films, then hopefully we will have a new album b4 the end of the year. hopefully :dunno:
  22. omg yeah, a word springs to mind and that is "DURR" , now made in america was better, that was really funny. I cant believe i got them mixed up, i feel so dumb now, well it was late at night.
  23. i agree , its great dont change a thing!
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