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  1. Are we talking wages or how much the films took? Cos trust me, Will has a LONG way to go in order to even get close to Indy and Star Wars.
  2. Anyone notice Will slides this line into most of his films? Almost like a catchprase. Watching Will for years and only recently notcied this.
  3. I believe Harrison Ford is the highest grossing actor in film history.....so far. He has been in 6 of the top 10 grossing films EVER. (Indy & Star Wars) I think Will has a LONG way to catch up with Harrison.
  4. He swears on "Mr. Niceguy" too. He says Eminem which to me translates as sh!t. :wiggle: I do actually use Eminem to mean sh!t. Try it out. Oh man, that is a load of Eminem. You need a shower, you smell like Eminem. See, it works. :slap:
  5. At the mo, I'm reading The Crow (James O' Barr) graphic novel....or comic to give it a more accurate name. Far better than the film, and the film was fantastic. Must have read this comic well over 30 times now and still enjoy it.
  6. Jeff is on the new Will album more than you think. Just listen to it and it does not sound like he's around that much.......then check the credits.
  7. Persoanly I think JT has made a damn fine transition from boy band to solo artist. NSYNC were crap....but that does not mean JT is. JT is one of those that keeps getting better the more I hear him.....and I'm far from being a fan too.
  8. Switch is crap.......sorry but it is. By far the weakest tune on the album. Why this was the launch tune, I have no idea. There are FAR better tunes on this album than Switch.
  9. That there will ever be a new JJ + FP album? I think Will has moved on and Jeff is more than happy to go back in time. I know Jeff is all over Will's new album....but it's still not JJ + FP is it?
  10. Is it just me that thinks Will and Justin should work together?
  11. I think Switch is by far the worst track on the album. I have tried to like it....but I can't.....though the re-mix is damn fine.
  12. Best? It's a toss up between Pump Ya Brakes (Snoop is back) and Tell Me Why(the way Will gets pissed in that tune kicks arse)....shame Mary J comes up and ruins this tune, as always. But on the whole, damn fine Will album. BTW: Is that Biz Markie doing the backing on Pump Ya Brakes? Loretta is too much like Stan....which M & M's will slag Will off for....watch this space. But there were tunes made about fans before Stan. Though I do think Stan is one of the best tunes......EVER!!!!! Shame M & M's was crap after that.
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