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  1. main riff: G|-----------------------------------------------------|| D|-------------------------------------------------|| A|------------9------------------ ---9--------------|| E|--9-11-12---12xx--9---11--12------12--12-12--|| So now you have a good reason to start play bass of guitar... it's the cool riff of the 1st track of homebase... :rock: :peace: PEACE :peace:
  2. sorry.. i missed it.. next time... :tear:
  3. well..the background music of summertime is probably the best background music of JJFP so far. the music very composed of many diffrent instruments that make a nice touch of reggae and diffrent styles of music. It's relaxing and jusr perfect for a background music. I mean, they even decaided to put he Summertime (reprise) on Homebase CD. and many times i find myself listenning to it.. because it so relaxing and fun.. :dancingcool: :peace: peace :peace:
  4. [quote]Yeah man! "Freakin' It" and "Wild Wild West" are nothing compared to "I'm Looking for the One (to be with me) and "Can't Wait to be with you" [/quote] Im looking for the one and can't wait to be with you might be jjfp best songs ever..
  5. i thought code red was a hit! strange..
  6. does someone know what was JJFP best seller? and how it sold?
  7. do you want some fries with it? :thumb:
  8. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jun 4 2004, 02:51 PM]you see this is what happens when i go for 2 days. you all need to be supervised and stopped from falling into insanity. :poke: but to keep to the subject im member :peace:number 22 which stands for 2 little ducks quack quack :peace:. oh no now see what you have done![/quote] :peace: LOL...
  9. [quote]I'm really in the mood for some marshmellows.[/quote] wow!!! marshmellows!!!!! i didnt eat marshmellow for a llllooonnnggg time! im going to buy some! :roll: ...... and i want some krispi cream too!!! :peace: peace :peace:
  10. i meant to say that Hero1 posted his 555th post here. so now there is another reason why this whole topic is ccccoooooolllll!! LOL :dancingcool: :peace: peace! :peace:
  11. well.. i watched shrek2.... it sucks but that's not the point. so... before the movie started i saw the shark tales (is it the name?) trailer... and it look very nice and funny! :afro: but i have a question.. don't you think it really really really looks like imitation of finding nemo??... i hope it will not be a fake finding nemo... :dancingcool: and i saw i robot today on tv... it looks very cool! :dancingcool: :music: :peace: peace :peace: :music:
  12. well.. the best cd was the greatest hits.. because.. its the [b]greatest hits[/b]. but from the real albums... i think homebase and rock the house are the best :music: :peace: peace :peace:
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