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  1. cool thanx!!! Im gonna have to drive pretty fast from college. u c now u r encouraging dangerous driving. lol no im only kiddin i will be careful.
  2. i think about half would be cool, but i think there will be about 2, i doubt they had much time together to do many. but im happy with as many as we can get, its gonna be so great to here a new song from jjfp, its been nearly 5 years!!!!
  3. the only problem with a UK label is that ive read about a few of them going broke, but i suppose with Will money isnt an object and like he did with Ali, he could bail them out. Its true tho we still have much love 4 jjfp, it was only this morning some1 requested summerime on the radio. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will hear the great news that Will has signed to one of them, i will definatly keep an eye out from the same source. :biggrin:
  4. nice to have u bk 3cookies!!! :biggrin: :peace:
  5. thanx that really was hilarious. it kinda looks like Will might be doin the song car wash coz the fish was dancing around and he was doing his usual woo haha. lol.
  6. haha thanx 4 that it was a funny interview.
  7. i found this news on a showbiz news part of my interactive TV. Will Smith took time out to meet 2 record labels while in London recently. The Men In Black star enjoyed a mega rap career woth sony records until last year they dropped him. Will told me " i have a new album ready to go out, but I'm looking for the right home for it" Lets hope he finds 1 soon. Its not much but its a bit of news so we know Will has at least spoken to other record companies, not sure y they were London ones tho?
  8. OMG, i laughed do much i actually cried could u imagine a publisist, right we want u to get to the film festival on a giant rubber whale. Then when Jack black jumped off, i looked like Will and angelina nearly fell off :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  9. im kinda reluctant to post on this topic since i have been attacked in a battle 4 liking Justin lol. but i prefer Justin , i would like Usher but he is way too arrogant, i know most stars are but he really goes too far. It just puts me off buying him album coz i hate ppl like that, there is a thin line between confindence and arrogance and he over steps it. and as for who is copying who, they are both copy micheal Jackson, just like a lot of other stars.
  10. chill im here, when i came her yesterday wild child hadnt posted yet. Back once again with the lyrical master, but this time im gonna beat you a bit faster. i lost one battle in my life, i cant go wrong, but i admit, i aint been doin this that long. i dont plan on loosin now, im not goin down without a fight, coz i know all my great lines you would love to bite. might i pity you and let you off tonight, no coz u cant even spell my simple name right. its like the olympic games, im gonna win it for Britain, got you so scared, you huddle in the corner like a kitten. me, da brakes and prince, come on, dont ya see? we're all battle winners from the same country. you couldnt even beat eminem man, your that bad, with that little comment people are bound to get mad. it doesnt matter though ,coz im that kinda girl, my lyrical flows so good they got ya head in a twirl. "dont say nothin" Will said coz its true, and all i have to say is that you dont have a clue, how to rhyme, what? how do you call yourslef an MC, i can tell as you read that you really envy me. your verse is so boring i cant even finish to read, a dictionary is what you need, coz your brain needs a feed. heres some fertilizer chump, oh wait you already stink didnt anyone tell you to speak after you think. seems your a little bit obsessed with Justin my friend, are you sure your not joining in with the gay guy trend? oh right im a man now, fine im a bigger man than you, coz im sure yo wear make up, and a pink tutu. ok i went too far, i didnt mean to make you cry, i just wanna get you out of this battle so i can wave bye bye. last day to post, no way will i be disqualified!
  11. i wish i had never started this post.
  12. wow how close is that! especially me and www, i gotta admit i was scared when i read your verse, nice battle! :peace:
  13. [quote=Jonny 5,May 10 2004, 08:28 PM][quote=Jazzy Julie,May 10 2004, 05:12 PM]when ur old u have 2 talk like a granny lol.[/quote] Yeah, only if he was a woman! [/quote] haha ok a grandad, there r too many guys on here i need to put some femininity on here lol. Maybe (getting all scienetific here) his lungs got bigger, coz if u do a lot of excersise your body has to adust to it, so his lungs might have increased to get a larger volume of air in, therefore making his voice deeper. Thats it ive been studying too much science :eek4:
  14. lol hence the "we couldnt continue the story" :biggrin:
  15. Cool! what r they sayin thank u for?
  16. can the contestants vote on the other ppls battles? i dont think u answered this question, i hope u didnt or i will get told off lol.
  17. OK I’m ready again for another rap battle, Its getting so easy I’m rounding you up like cattle. I was knocked out last time but that wasn’t my fault, I was going so crazy it felt like mental assault. But now I’m tougher, stronger, I’m gonna fight to the finish I’m gonna make you feel so bad, you will surely diminish. Coz I’ve heard it all before, They keep coming back for more, I continue to allure, But you’re just a bore. I really wanted 2 beat you, despite my busy life, My mind is so sharp that it cuts like a knife. I keep defeating you, but you just keep coming back, How many ways do I need to tell you, you rap is wack! Oh I’m a spice girl now, fine u a backstreet boy, Bcoz just like them all you do is annoy. Im moving on up the ladder to the next round, While your sat there like a freak, stuck on the ground. Yeah you have a disease, a disease of the brain, Ima squash you like a bug and only leave a stain. The only girl to try this, the only one able, And still I leave the guys shacking under the table. Remember Mama said knock you out, Do I have to tell you what rappins all about? You all need a lesson sounds like 50 cent is your teacher, You need to listen to me, im the lyrical preacher. Im really sorry I honestly didn’t mean to humiliate, I just can’t help it, my raps exhilarate. So im gonna leave u with this so you can decide, So I can win and it will be a w3 genocide, I need my crown back this time on my own, And ready for the next one, im in the zone.
  18. his voice has definalty got deeper, i guess ur voice does still mature as u get older coz when ur old u have 2 talk like a granny lol.
  19. i dont really like rap these days, there are a few rappers that i like, such as kayne BEP and dilated people (not actually sure how long they have been out). Rap is more popular these days than ever especially over here in Britain which is good that it has become more popular, when ppl said it was a faze, but i just dont like the way it has become popular. if that all makes sence, i think rap is at its worst right now and im hoping some new guys come out and change it. but i c where u r coming from lambertj3 with the diversity thing, there just isnt enough old school right now.
  20. wow i signed it, but i doubt any1 from the network will c it, and also Will will never be available, he needs 2 his album first lol. Thats a lot of ppl tho!
  21. i finally got time to c it today and it was definatly worth the wait. Its starts off quite average and then builds up to so much excitment. Only 2 months 2 go 4 the americans and about 3 months 4 the Brits yey!, sorry i dunno how long it is 4 every1 else but it will be around then. :dancingcool: :biggrin:
  22. i only have 12 tracks and i got mine in 2002. :confused:
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