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  1. damn m really ashamed..iam a true suppoter but i dont see Will rappin in the next 4-5..he will be 45..rappin at that age for him? it's a damn shame.Everyone has always been sayin he a better actor than musician..apparently he just proved em all right..but I aint hatin on Will coz i got nothing but love.
  2. god luck and enjoy man..but whatkinda music do u make?
  3. happy birthday bro..keep doin your thingman
  4. and there's limewire and all those music downloading programs so i dont think people will buy it even if they want it now.This would e impossible
  5. Thanks alot bro..But Jeff's Album are the only ones that i got problems getting..I dont got a credit card yet and thestores in my city nver even heardof Dj Jazzy jeff. but I will find a way to listen to em
  6. For me, well im not gonna mention any names of whome iam player hatin on , but iam into the kind of hip-hop/rap That deals with the realworld..Iam not gonna say that I hate an artsit and everything he/shemakes is whack..that aint true.Many of these whack musicians also got good music but their majority is whack that's what I would have to say..So iam not gonna mention any whack rappers, but If u understand what iam sayin then u get my point.. I realized thatmany of you have said that all this artsit musc is bad, ok. So i got question for people who said that a certain Arstist or group's m
  7. I want in..So you guys wanna continue this question thing or what? :1-say-yes:
  8. thanx alot man.But I thought i heard there was gonna be new music from him sometimes this year. but a remix for brand new funk? is there gonna be a video for that to?
  9. it's all good man..just be happy..in some of them u should be happy u werent mentioned..
  10. hey every one..damn it's been a long time since I been here or posted here. those of you who knows me know what iam talking about.Ever since I left this place honestly I havent known much about Will Smith's music in the future..so is he coming out with anything soon? or we gotta wait another year? I just want to know if there's any news on his music.. we all the same color when we turn off the lights.
  11. damn this was a good topic cant believe i missed it...and i miss this place alot y'all..
  12. She's got em looks..i would like to chill with her..
  13. well well it's nice to see y'all with Jeff but i aint jelous..I've chilled with jeff and Will in my dreams alot of times before
  14. i've heard about it but this is the first time i see it.. thanx dude
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