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  1. same photoshoot different picture, its good tho Tim u used really cool pics of them, im guessin its to promote the website.
  2. thanx!!! i will probably contact u at the weekend when ive got time to fix it, its difficult to do virus scans bcoz the computer is so slow or it breaks. but thanx 4 the help every1!!!
  3. i dunno about swearin, but i hate songs that have womens orgasm noises on them lol. i had LL cool Js doin it on my computer, just at the criticle part my mum walks in, and she is like "what r u listening 2"?? It was pretty funny but i have quite a few Cds with them on. the other problem with cussin is when they r played on the radio and half a line in missed out coz of the cussin, i mean wot is the point of that eamon song, its funny and everything but its hard to listen to the melody.
  4. bcoz its a snake and it would be all skin and no flesh. I dunno ive got this weird thing, where i cant become a vegetarian bcoz i love food too much, and im already addicted to chicken, pigs, cows, sheep and fish, so i make up 4 it by not eating any other animal coz i can cope without them. I know it makes no sence but neither do i. :biggrin:
  5. that would be so cool to get an A in the study of Will Smith lol, yeah u have to post it here.
  6. cool only 2 extra weeks to wait woohoo!!!!! that means 5 months to go, and 2 and a half months until I, robot. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww HE ATE SNAKE!!! thats horrible lol. :eek4: Thanx 4 the interview, it was actually quite original, i just wanna know how these crazy UFO ppl can write to Will and yet we cant lol.
  8. so has Will been on? i was out at work.
  9. lol thanx i think i can make in out. :biggrin:
  10. lol thanx! i like the ghetto reality.
  11. u could kinda understand if it was a pop audience, but these ppl claim to know hip hop and dont know jazzy jeff!!! :eek4: I bet if the question was "what type of toilet paper does 50 cent use" they would all know it lol.
  12. if Will owns it he should get some1 to do an official website with no b2k fans and with up to date news. That would be cool.
  13. nope, i was confinsed it was the sasser virus coz it happened the same time as the virus came out but i tested it and it wasnt found on my comp, so i tested other viruses such as netsky and i dont have them either. So im thinkin it might not be a virus at all, but i just dont have the computer knowledge to fix it and i dont wanna uninstall anything bcoz i probably wont get it bk. So my next step is to ring a computer help line, but on sunday i was so close to pushing it off the desk lol, i had to take deep breaths and put chilling music on.
  14. ok get ready to take this to the next level, I'll beat you down like your some guy named Neville. I really wanna win this but at least make it hard, but it aint coz your raps make you sound like a retard. Its like the summertime coz my rhymes are so hot, they got me burnin' up and yours are just not. Coz they dont have the style, the wit and perzazz, I'll throw you out the house like Uncle Phil did Jazz. Dont you look at me like im some kinda bimbo, I'll use all my smarts to defeat my man timbo. I'm flying high even on the radar i cant be found, dont try to follow me here i'll shoot your plane to the ground. Somebody asked can white people really rap, of course they can and this is the answer to that. If this was war it would be like your under attack, Its got you even more scared than whats goin on in Iraq, like the American soldiers decent equiptment you lack, coz your wack, and im as good as 2pac. oh i wont stop there this discussions just getting heated, i will not stop until your completely defeated. If we where in the north pole i'd freeze you up, or over in Africa and i'd break down ya hut, if we where in the desert i'd spit it like a camel, and in the jungle i would be the most skilled mammel. Whoa what was that, i got a little side tracked, but i'd beat you around the world and thats a sure fact. you call yourself a hero, think your just like the flash, but i'd say you where more irritating like an itchy flacky rash. dont worry about my confidence, it grows like an oak tree, everytime i kick butt when they try to defeat me. thats it for now its late and the end of the day, dont try to challenge me because i will make you pay.
  15. yeah keep it, ive had a few convos on there, but if u notice its usually the same 5 or so ppl that go in there lol, so hopefully this will encourage more people to go in.
  16. yeah i have that video too,i think he is a good tap dancer as well, and i loved where he does that strip to micheal Jackson lol. So i guess i would have to say carlton, but i also loved Wills dancing.
  17. yeah it was boring kill bill 2day and 2moro its shrek. hopefully he will be on some time this week. i might not be able to watch it coz i will be at work but some1 from this site has to watch it to listen out for any talk of music. thats if he is on.
  18. So nows it’s the admin and me, Its sure to be, The most glorious battle in history, Don’t ya wanna see, me beat Timothy. You only got here man coz you’re the best of a bad bunch, And just like grapes I eat Australians for lunch. You aint got no chance now coz ive perfected my flow, But like Austin Powers I think you’ve lost your mojo. The rest of the board come on, all crowd around, Its oz verses the Brits, the dollar verses the pound. You’re like virus on my computer and now it’s all infective, And when you brag about yourself, its only deceptive. Its like you’ve been sick on my screen, I don’t wanna be mean, At least unlike others I can keep it clean. I’m a previous champ, I’m not gonna let you bring me down, I’m gonna fight to the death before I surrender my crown. Even though in the last round you won by a small fraction, That’s coz they kiss your butt, it’s administrator attraction. I used to feel bad for battlin’ people and attackin’ em, not now coz if I was a boss I would be sackin’ em. Crakin’ em, in the face, no im kiddin that’s too rough, I love y’all really, I just gotta act tough, Being the only girl is hard, so they diss me for that, But I really I walk all over you, just like a doormat. Now you’re dirty like Christina, oh excluding the chaps, I can’t wait for you to post so I can have some little naps. You’re so dumb you’re like a mule that’s been so confused, I know all about animal cruelty and I think you’ve been abused. Ah well I can laugh at least you’ve kept me amused. Don’t feel bad coz it’s the end, but don’t be full of sorrow, That may be it for now but I’ll be back tomorrow.
  19. hey cool i didnt expect that, well done wild child, im really sorry for saying u stink and that u wore make up lol. i dont mean it!!! and i will c u Tim in the final i will get right to it now.
  20. dont u think its so ironic that Will plays a fish, and yet he cant swim.lol.
  21. i wish it would go down, bcoz we dont post anymore it looks like his fans have abandoned him, where its just coz im sick of b2k fans and i dont want anythin to do with sony anymore after what they did.
  22. ive heard a rapper (i cant 4 the life of me remmember his name)live that has beaten eminem in a freestyle, and to be honest the guy wasnt that good, if he can beat eminem then eminem cant be THAT good at freestyling.
  23. i dont think the superbowl incident had anything to do with colour, i think Justin apologized quite quickly where it took Janet a lot longer do admit and do a public apology. Also it was her titty hanging out and she didnt have to do it if she didnt want to. And as for her sales i dont think its bcoz of the superbowl i just think her new album isnt as good as the others, its ok but it just doesnt compare to her previous stuff.
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