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  1. lol i agree i also wanna here this story. :biggrin:
  2. Ive not really joined in this convo so far bcoz i honestly dont know what record label would be best 4 Will, i think the majority of record labels end up screwing the artist over at some point, the best thing would b 4 Will to do his own label but i dont know how that would work and it would also take up a lot more of his time.
  3. Cool that sounds really interesting. ummm Dr Smith has a good ring to it lol. The annoying thing is, that u find out about these projects really early and it prob wont be out until about 2006 lol.
  4. [quote=fan 4ever,Apr 16 2004, 07:16 AM]i don't know why y'all are so hyped about this...you see Will 4 like 5 seconds..[/quote] bcoz we r getting really desperate 4 some new stuff lol. but yeah i hope Will gets the bug and remmembers how much he loves performing.did u notice too that he was wearing his fresh prince necklace that has the diamonds in it, how cool is that! Thanx 4 the link!!! :biggrin:
  5. i have a big problem with the trailer, and its that I CANT C IT!!! my stupid quicktime is broken, i spent an hour last night trying 2 fix it and coz im not a computer whizz i was unsuccessful. I dont know if any1 can help but when i try and get the trailer up the quicktime symbol comes up and then it cracks. But when i check on my comp it says quicktime is working ok. Can any1 help me???? :tear: :cussing:
  6. lol, u c the thing with Will's chat up lines is that its hard 4 other ppl to pull them off. Will can do them coz he has a certain confidence, but if any other guy barked at a women i can imagine she would be pretty scared lol. But yeah i always use Wills lines, especially parents just dont understand, and i use the rain too 4 ppl going thru bad times.
  7. oh no im gonna be 20 soon, thats really scary, i still get asked 4 ID in clubs (in the UK u only need 2 be 18 to get in). I think im still gonna act stupid tho, being old is boring, im definalty living my life 2 the full now, as Will says a saturday night is a terrible thing to waste, so i go out every weekend. Its tires me out but i wont be able 2 party in a few years. noooooooooooooooooooo!!! :eek4: :eek4: :eek4: :eek4:
  8. haha wot about: My love for you is like a river, its like a (something) inside that makes my soul shiver. one kiss from you is more precious than gold, so lets go get some bbq and get busy. haha classic!! :bowrofl:
  9. nah an ID4 2 wont work, that film was a one off, the second 1 surely cant be successful. Its like trying 2 do a titanic 2 lol. MIB 3 would work coz they can keep them going 4 a while, the whole alien organisation thing is great, they could keep on going with story lines 4 that forever, apart from i cant think of any right now 2 answer the question, but what do i know im not a writer lol.
  10. i thought it was ok, kinda 1 of the average tracks off Willenium, doesnt it just mean like butter, smooth and hot, i dunno thats what i always thought it meant. :dunno:
  11. i dont even like spiderman, its not just me being a woman either coz i really like action flicks. Its hard 2 tell tho if spiderman 2 will do better, coz even tho i dont like it, i know a lot of ppl do. I think it will be quite close tho.
  12. hey wild child dont worry about it, ive got plenty of male friends that have dressed up in womens clothes of their own accord lol. 1 was a school girl. then this other guy dressed up as a nun 4 halloween, he later chased my car down the road while wearing a corset and make up lol. it was so scary!
  13. i like Willenium a little better, mainly coz it has songs like the rain and potnas and im comin. but what i really like about bws is all the female vocals in it, its also slighty more pop that willenium which kinda introduces ppl to hip hop and gets them listening 2 more stuff.
  14. no the best list was on channel 4 a few years back. it was the top ten rap acts and there was no eminem, no 50 cent (even tho he wasnt around then). and guess who was number 1, yep big willie himself. It was compiled of record sales and things. I think salt and pepper where 2nd and 2pac and biggie where in there too. oh and of course run dmc. This was a few years bk tho, b4 hip hop went completely down the drain.
  15. its hard not 2 listen to him, that new d12 song is always on. Im sick of turning the MTV channel over 2 avoid it. Sometimes eminem is on about 3 channels at a time!!!!
  16. yeah i love this track. its probably one of my faves of BWS. Its great to put on when ur in a great mood, and it just elevates ur mood even more. :biggrin:
  17. i think he sucks too, i really cant see where is talent is. Like i said on the other post he only sells bcoz of his lyrics. He forgets what rap is all about and its having fun, i dont wanna come home and listen 2 a record about some1 gettin killed. Plus ive seen the type of fans he has, they arnt even into hip hop most of them.
  18. HAPPY EASTER PEEPS!!!! Just wanted 2 say that and dont eat too much chocolate like i have. Have a nice day!!!!!! :peace: :biggrin:
  19. i was watching mtv base yesterday (uk hip hop channel) and it had a programme of the best 50 rap acts. I just happened to catch jjfp as number 18. Im not sure if it was a good thing or a bad. The good thing was they played summertime a classic, and it wasnt Will Smith but jjfp. But surely they should have come higher than 18?!? i will try and find the rest of the list but i couldnt watch the rest of the show coz i had 2 go 2 work.
  20. i'd have 2 go with i wanna rock, when i first got my jjfp greatest hits cd i would listen to that 1 all the time! But pump makes me laugh so much, im not sure y but Will just randomly laughes in it, and i used 2 think it was hilarious 4 some reason. They r both really fun songs tho. :biggrin:
  21. I remmember seeing an MTV awards show i think it was bk in 1999. And Will beat eminem 2 best rapper. Thats when Will made his speech of how he didnt cuss or kill any1 in his records. The camera went to eminem and he looked really annoyed (haha), and i think thats where it stems from. I also hate eminem he has a really annoying voice and i dont think he can rap at all, his sucess isnt based on skill its based on controversy. But yeah em disses every1, it boosts his sales!
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