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    listen to music, chat on the internet, watch movies, watch tv, work out, go to church, read the books (the bible included).

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  1. nope. nothin. I looked. that's how I knew it was your birthday that passed. :dancingcool:
  2. me too prince. I think just about everyone does.
  3. Wow. she has an awesome voice and she's a really cute girl too. I didn't know she made an album. how old is she now? what is her album titled? :bowrofl:
  4. hahaha! I'm in California. I'm not so cool as you guys...look atchu. out in England, Islands, man, I can't wait to move out of here. :) :dunno:
  5. LoL!!!! that was great. I needed that. lol. Your highness! lol. :angel:
  6. Happy late birthday prince! How old are you now? :dancingcool:
  7. lol Prince! who is this person whom you're speakin of? I've never heard of them/ her/ him/ it. lol. :biggrin:
  8. out of school. It's only 1:00 P.M. here. Anyone here I can talk to???
  9. heck ya! it was, no it was the PLAY board! lol. I kept telling them to shut the hell up, but they just kept arguing with me. I told them to go play with their baby toys. lol. I told them too that we all have our opinions and they should respect them. they told me they did, but when we share them elsewhere, not there. *sighs.* but whatever. some girl told me to get a life 'cause they thought I sounded like I didn't have a life. that made me mad. so around and around we went, we're still going...don't know when we'll stop. i enjoy so much the arguing that we do, that's why I'm still there. they kept asking me what I was doing there if I didn't like PLAY, I told them..."To preach to you." then they would all get into a big argument all cause of me. :) gee, I feel so loved! lol.
  10. lol. oh, I'm sorry about that. that sounds dredful. your music is what counts right? the right music and alot of faith puts u back on the right road again huh? as for the who and who is a christian thing, well, I guess I better leave that alone too because every time I do get into that, we all start arguing...at least on the other forums I have been on. :slap: :eek4:
  11. N.b. ridaz rock! I love their music! :dancingcool:
  12. Alright! okay. Lol. I'll do it only 'cause you guys want me to. Well, I have been posting things like bible verses and things like that and been going on forums that I don't even like the music artists in the first place. I just go because that way they could get blessed through me because I'm putting out bible verses and things and they treat me bad and they also say things like Get out of here, we don't want you and your christian faith in here. get out. I hate you, everyone hates you. Just don't come back. So, I keep arguing with them about why I was still there when I didn't even like the artists. they kept saying mean things to me. I even said that I didn't like the artists that I was at and they kept on even more about why I was there. Around and around we go...yeah. I had a great time making them mad though. They were a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds. lol. so young. so now, I'm just kickin back. that's my story. :peace: :angel:
  13. Tight! Cool! Hey Prince! Haven't seen you around in a while. :) Glad to see you back! :angel:
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