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  1. Hey guys, just wanna say you guys are in my thoughts and prayers... hope you get out of all the drama your going through peace!!!
  2. Good idea AJ haha.. yeah there's still time for the album sales to go up.. it's only been out 2 months. sales may go up a little more when the remix EP comes out!!
  3. Awww man, i missed it last night.. me and my mom was watching Bad Boys 2 on fox. CONGRATZ to Jaden for his win saw the acceptance speech on overdrive tho, it was HILARIOUS!! Jada told Will he was talking to much haha!!!
  4. JJFP's gotta come back hip hop's not fun anymore.. a new album with some classic FP storytelling will defo, be bringing some fun back and Jazzy's scratching with Will ripping the mic will be dope!!!
  5. Yeah, Pocket Full Of Money doesn't seem like a type of track will would do..not that he hasn't done a track were the title is totally opposite from the song.. if this is true atleast we might get a little bit of new music!!
  6. Can't belive, I'm Looking For The One is so low on the list... not surprised about Summertime being #1 i've heard that on the radio alot lately.
  7. That's crazy, Potnas and Tell Me Why isn't even in the top 50... but i do see alot of Gettin Jiggy Wit It tho lol,
  8. Code Red is just a dope album altogether.. love listening to this track around holiday time will's flow on the track is so honest and heartfelt just a dope song from a dope album!!
  9. HAHA i hear ya AJ, i just hope she's not singing and back rapping on this track... wasn't really feeling the Dana Owens Album.
  10. Looking forward to this, can't wait to here the Queen back on the mic!!
  11. I thought you were joking at first... but damn this is one of the best albums out so far this year, what the heck is going on?!!!!!
  12. When i got BIG WILLIE STYLE... i wasn't feeling CANDY that much cause i heard that beat so many times before it's grown on me alot along with chasing forever.. that album had to much track masters on it not enough Jeff!!!
  13. Yeah, that's what i wish the live dvd would've said instead of Will Smith live feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff.. if they actually come back as JJ+FP i hope they promote it like that.
  14. Sounds great, BIG WILLIE'S gonna do it again!!
  16. Awesome!!!! thanks Big Willie :thumbsup:
  17. Hey Tim, could you bring back New Kids On The Block, Get Hyped, and From da South i can't find those anywere .. heard from da south a couple of times but never heard new kids and get hyped so i'd love to here those!!!
  18. Of Cours, your famus now Tim HaHa!!!.. after the THANK U from Jeff's album you got and the blog you wrote about the rumers i'm not suprised haha!
  19. I'll be intrested to here what Will's got to say... we all know he wants to do it i just wanna here it from him!
  20. MC Lyte - Cold Rock A Party (Funkymix)
  21. Hey Kev, thx for trying to get some answers.. jeff's answer didn't give me much hope haha.. hope it happens tho.
  22. Man this is getting rediculous.. funny how rumors snowball like crazy!
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