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  1. Dope pics guys.. cool you guys got to meet at jeff's show!! :wickedwisdom: yeah love Jeff's shirts too!! any update on his online store!?
  2. HAPPY B-DAY FUQ!!! hope you had a good one :2thumbs:
  3. Hey welcome back Kev, sorry things didn't work out on the job glad to see you back though! And you and brakes have fun at the show friday :2thumbs:
  4. Working now! nice idea to put the freestyles on the podcast :wickedwisdom:
  5. I think Queen Latifah should've been honored before Missy... i'm a missy fan but i think they should've waited and i like the past shows but i agree this years lineup is kinda weak.
  6. Yeah it doesn't work for me either what's up!?
  7. I can't wait to see this movie.. and it's like the old classic episodes too!. like the last trailor also.
  8. Man this is awesome!!! listening now thanx W3 :2thumbs: Yeah i wish the interviewer would shut up for five seconds so i can understand what jeff's saying!!
  9. Bart Simpson - Deep Deep Trouble 3 more days til The Simpsons Movie can't wait!!
  10. 16 years WOW how time flies!!... i was in middle school when homebase came out.. my first JJFP album and i remember playing ''Summertime'' like crazy but that whole album was dope!! :wickedwisdom:
  11. Yeah i know this is an old post... sorry it took so long but i just found out today that i didn't need to get the USB connector.. so lets get it on guys!! here's my mario kart friends code 326523443839 And Tim i've just added you and schnazz to my friends list!
  12. I don't know about the suit... but it might work FP can pull it off!!
  13. Man it was Awesome!!.. i've been a Transformers fan since the 80's cartoon, and the live action film was just dope!!!
  14. That was an awesome performance thanks!!.. wish i was there singing the theme to FPOBA with the rest of Philly!:)
  15. Looks like the rapper is lost to the actor again... sorry had to say that. :kekeke: And isn't Jeff gonna be there?!
  16. It's Luther Vandross ''never to much'' that Will sampled for 1,000 kisses dope song!!!
  17. 2 Too Many - Where's The Party (Jazzy's Smut Mix)
  18. Thanks again guys!! Hey Julie geezers were not that old haha!!
  19. Love jeff's mix... really adds to the original thanks!!! :wickedwisdom:
  20. Thanks guys!!! time to party like a rock star :lolsign: And Tim, just give me a little time to get my DS online so we can get that mario kart jumping off!!
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