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  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff + Rhymefest - Jeff n Fess (clean version)
  2. What's up man welcome 2 the boards... i know how ya feel i still feel kinda new here myself but stick around for a bit glad i did.
  3. King Of Rock - RUN DMC Live At Montreux 2001 (dvd)
  4. This albums gonna be crazy!!! if jeff says it's the best album he's done i believe him.
  5. It may not be my favorite album... but still like it alot tracks like jazzy's groove, The Reverend, The Girly had a mustache, Jeff Was on the Beat Box and Numuro Uno Will just rips it on that one:) those are my favs off the album!!
  6. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat Jean Grae - Super Jean www.thereturnofthemagnificent.com
  7. Mariah Carey feat. bone thugs, and Jeulz Santana - Don't Forget About Us (REMIX)
  8. As far as will's solo albums.. Willennium is my favorite look how long we waited for those JJFP tracks straight old school!!
  9. even cooler FP on the track!! that would have been a cool way for the last track to be a JJFP track.
  10. Congrats on finding a new He's The Dj, man.. definetly classic but they really need to remaster those old albums, so we won't have to turn the volume up almost all the way.
  11. Glade to here jeff's gonna do a U.S. summer tour he's gotta come back to chattanooga!!!!
  12. i don't think it's out yet... i mean if it was on it's way we would have heard about it on tvshowsondvd.com.
  13. Yeah i saw it opening weekend... i won't spoil it for anybody but it's definitly a good movie i looked around the theater and it was packed can't wait till the dvd comes out, not suprised it's the #1 movie in the U.S.!!!
  14. Poor Jeff HAHA!!.. that was wrong but funny that's gotta be on the album.
  15. Next Level - DMC (New Track on dmc's myspace)
  16. Love playing my SNES haha.. it never gets old my favs are definitly turtles in time, orignal mario kart, and NBA Jam TE.
  17. Happy bday Jonny have a good one man!!!
  18. Chain Gang Is The Click - John Cena & The Trademarc
  19. Oh cool, i got worried for a moment i still can't find the E.P. does anyone now a good site i can order on from? i don't have itunes.
  20. IF one actually comes out they need to put the right remixes on there... i mean we've already heard the ''Ring my Bell Mr.lee's mix'' i wanna hear some of the other remixes like the things that you do, or the i wanna rock ones cause its hard to find those singles if they put those on a remix cd i'll be very happy.
  21. That would be dope a JJFP remix album with some b-sides.
  22. Wait a minute does that mean the us date has been pushed back to August if so then that sucks!!
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