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  1. Yeah, i think it might be a good sequel to if done right.. i'd rather see Bad Boys 3 first!!
  2. Stan Bush - Dare (Transformers The Movie 86/07) Dope Tim can't wait for that.. man i wish SNP would do another album tho!!
  3. That's crazy!! congratz Jonny :2thumbs:
  4. Salt N Pepa - R U Ready Damn i miss SNP!!!
  5. Thanks man that was Awesome...THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!
  6. lol, thx for sharing never saw that before too.. did they ever air that on tv? ike; you look just like her :lol:
  7. Hey guys in addition to... Don't Fight The Feeling if anyone could upload I Wanna Rock Vibe Mix.. i know tim had it up on the JJFP board but could someone re-up it here?!!
  8. Yeah thanks Tim, classic perfomance :wickedwisdom:
  9. Thanks for the link Brakes Dope beat!!!
  10. (From the Boyz In The Woods episode) Carlton; carltons log will has become a pathetic shell of his former self i on the other hand have the strength of 10 men. Will; Will's log is about to connect with carlton's head!!! :lolsign:
  11. JJFP Feat Grover Washington Jr - The Groove
  12. In terms of the funniest... Season 3 hands down i can watch the Boys In The Woods episode over and over again!!
  13. Yeah, HAPPY 4TH to my JJFP FAM across the states!!!
  14. Tnx for sharing AJ, love to see Tyrese and Will do a track and a movie together... Tyrese killed it in Transformers.
  15. Yo definetly go check out Transformers saw it opening day it was sick!!! yeah the I Am Legend trailer is the first of the previews before the movie, the theater was packed and as soon as the trailer started everyone got quiet haha.
  16. Wow nice thanks Tim!! i'd also like to have Don't Fight The Feeling if anyone has it Thanx in advance.
  17. Atleast there's some hope for them to do something soon... clear ya schedual Will!!!
  18. Wait a minute there's already been one... oh well guess i wasn't here first time. hey how bout we do a He's The Dj appreciation thread then.
  19. Yeah thanks for the upload Kev!!! now all i need is an ipod to put it on lol.
  20. HAHA thanx for sharing!!! if i ever get married i'd like to have Will and Jada sing 1,000 Kisses haha!
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