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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! he was playing in limerick one week ago....i live in galway currently which is about 1 hour from limerick!!! why didn't i check the page last week!!!! i've been waiting to see him for 8 years now i think...unfortunately i couldnt find a smiley killing himself
  2. well, the sun sucks (guardian rocks!). but i wouldn't call it a rumor. i mean jeff was doing a uk tour, so he easily could have talked to one of people from the sun. but what you can blame them for is that they say: jjfp will work together in november when all that jeff says is: we want to work together. we don't find time, but maybe november we both have some. so, i have no doubt that they want to work together and even that they want to work together in november, but the fact that they want to doesn't imply that they actually will work togethe...well, like a famous football player (and i mean the football you are actually playing with your foot ;-) ) always says: schau ma mal! (something like: let's wait and see)
  3. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,11036-2007230764,00.html
  4. haha, have y'all seen this already?? Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince on DIsney --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLCOppRRUrQ...ted&search= haha, crazy italians...synchronize the theme song!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwahZ4zq_DM...ted&search=
  5. do you think there's a chance to convince jeff to put some unreleased tracks of TROTM on his myspace site?? personally, i'm really interested in that track he did with krs one... he did one, didn't he?
  6. hey i just watched this brand new funk 2k5 clip on youtube....where did they perform that?? i totally missed that.
  7. he should have taken dancing lessons from hitch! :)
  8. really great track...and i like biz' rap style and especially his singing haha!
  9. yo i found several contradictory dates for the european tour....anyone got reliable dates? maybe...uhmmm, let me think...TIM? :) because someone told me he's coming to berlin on 25th of my but couldn't find that on the net...the i read he'll come to switzerland which probably wouldn't be so far away as Berlin but on one site it says april on the other may ?????
  10. ok, so here comes old rockthehouse's review.... i won't review every single track...just what i like most after having listened to it twice...and what i don't like.... so i begin with that track feat. biz markie i'm just listening to for the first time: dope!! haha, i like it that biz raps and sings awful like he always did :) the interludes are just damn funny...never heard better and funnier interludes on an album...i just can imagine jeff trying to get away with fast drivin by saying he's the "aaaah"-guy from TFPOBA...haha! ...and...people ask: yo will, where's carlton...ib et they do! haha the definition has a great beat, but i'm afraid it's not a timeless like all i know in the sense that after a while you don't like it that much anymore....i always liked kel's style. so i do here. i really like touch me with ur handz...that track easily could have been on Who's jill scott...very very good soul music. all i know...best track on the album. perfect go see the doctor...well i don't know the original, but what a grat track...has something jjfp-like to it...great beat, manages in a magical way to combine the feeling of a 80's hiphop track with nowadays conception of hiphop...love it. come on....more of that! great lyrics dope dope dope so, that's what i like most about the album after listening to it twice....what i didn't like was: brand new funk 2k7....all those interlude just evoked soo much jjfp nostalgia in me that i'm really mad at jeff for not recording that track with will....that echoing of peedi's voice i don't like either ....so thumbs down the other thing i don't like is: too much self-referentiality... for me it's ok if 2 or 3 songs on a hiphop album are about hiphop, rapping, mcs, djs and the music business...but here it's just vice versa....boring so, i'll give it a 7.8 out of 10 .... maybe more after some more times listening to it.
  11. so that's a new track huh? not the one from that biz markie album?
  12. raheem's just great... like you said tim...the song gets better and better with each time you listen to it...the same experience i made wit my people aswell...i like my people better tho...that could be because i've heard it more often tho ;) ...oh, btw, does he have a solo album? i just read he's on the new jazzmatazz...is that in stores already?
  13. all i know. best track on ep. best track on lp. timeless.
  14. wow, i actually couldn't believe my eyes when i read through the booklet. that's just the greatest honor for a fan i guess... since i'm not so much around here anymore: what exactly did you get the credit fo? "only" fo the website?
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