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  1. Yeah to me that could've been the open track rather than Nightmare... love Here We Go Again!!!
  2. HAHA i thought the same thing... that the 3D part looked like it came from the sims. the vid is dope :2thumbs:
  3. DOPE MAN, but why does it still say Will Smith :lolsign:
  4. Nice work Tim, Somethin Like dis is such a dope track.. like how you mixed the live perfomance wit the i wanna rock vid!!
  5. Listening now Great Job guys :2thumbs:
  6. :werd: Good point cookies!! maybe she'll learn a lesson from all this and stay out of the news for doing stupid stuff.
  7. Damn! the closest place near me is Nashville... can't really make a 2 Hour drive. he's not doing any other dates in Tennessee?
  8. Well Paris didn't have to work at all, but she did. She worked in movies, recorded albums, did clothing lines, made TV shows. She could have sat around and done nothing with her life.. I don't think that's considerd as real work.. she's mostly famous for doing nuthing. and what a minute she recorded a what?? until this spoiled brat shows more respect for herself and some common sense to me she's nuthing but a joke!!!
  9. You guys, think those were the creatures that were running around the streets in the scene after the bridge blew up and everyon but will was gone? couldn't quite make um out tho.
  10. You and me both Tim.. i could care less about this nonsense. when there's more important things going on in the world than this crap!!!
  11. HAHAHA that was great thanks Tim!!!!
  12. I FINALLY saw the trailer just now... man all i can say is another 20 mill in the bank for FP :2thumbs: i don't know what it was but last night my quicktime player just didn't wanna work.
  13. WHAT THE HELL... the damn thing is not coming up is the trailer online anywhere else aaaarrrrghhhh :bangcomp:
  14. Damn thats a big house.. i wonder if Will's still gonna see his booth from the kitchen. sorry had to say that :lol:
  15. OK cool.. i'll keep looking around for it hopefully i'll get lucky!!
  16. Good read thanks, man Jeff's doing a lot of interviews lately haha.
  17. Awesome!!!! thanks again hey Kev is that version a UK only single?
  18. Hey guys does anybody have Holla Back... been looking everywhere for that Freakin It single with it on it.. if anyone can put it up thanks in advance.
  19. c ya Julie Have a great time!!!
  20. did anyone else see the clip they played at the MTV movie awards with optimus prime speaking??
  21. I sure didn't, i just thought that was a Will freestyle track into ''No More''... wish that was a hole track cause that beat is sick and yeah whoever doesn't have the album need to have the crap kicked out of them!
  22. Awesome interview, Yeah now it's a world tour i just think they really don't know what they want to do right now...but i hope it happens.. and am i missing something or did that inteviewer say 7 seasons of Fresh Prince?
  23. I got 2 Words for ya.. Optimus Prime. i'm holding out for Transformers how can you lose with Micheal Bay and Stephen Speilberg?!!!!!
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