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  1. Hey guys, just came from Kel's myspace page and at the top it says he's got a new mixtape coming out on Dec.3 called brooklyn spartins.
  2. Aww Man.. i can't believe i missed out on this. how long ago was it when you sold these dvd's Tim!? i'd love to have those rare JJFP performances, i've never heard that Sky's The Limit track! If you ever think about selling some more of those dvd's i'd definetly get one.
  3. Rick Ruben on production would be sick!!!.. i like The school of old track off Crown Royal. but i only hope this album's not as short as Distortion was.
  4. Kris De Leon Buddytv.com Joeseph Simmons, also known as Rev. Run on MTV'S Run's House has joined forces with Robert James Ritchie, better known as musician Kid Rock in cumming up with an album called Running With The Kid, which is a play off of Eric Clapton and B.B. Kings Riding With The King. ''Me and Kid Rock are collaborating on making an album called Running With The Kid, sort of like what Clapton and B.B. King did with Riding with the King'' Rev. Run told G4tv.com earlier this year. ''We sort of have the same styles anyway, at least we dress the same. He's a big Run DMC fan and i grew to understand and like his music. So i might go out to Detroit in the next couple weeks and get started.'' As we reported previously, the upcoming season of Run's House will feature Rev.Run working on his new album. However, it wasn't made clear if the said album on the show is the project he has been working on with the infamous rocker.
  5. Hey Kev, i know what ya mean abt those handcramps haha!! those darn turbo boosts and snaking around corners. Time Trial Racer gives me a cramp a little haha.. oh and anybody wanna wi-fi race come get some
  6. I love L+F but i had to go with Willennium.. it's still my favorite Will solo album so many dope tracks on it and looking on the back of my cd and it says produced by JJ+FP... and to have waited so long for atleast a couple new JJ+FP tracks did it for me.
  7. Yeah, seen that episode of the podcast.. still dope tho!!! thanks :thumbsup:
  8. If those are 2 new songs Will recorded they'll defenitly be a welcome treat!!.. guess we'll just have to wait.
  9. Just put in my votes for ''BNF2k7'' and ''The Building'' wish TR smell had those videos.
  10. Voted! even tho we don't get mtv base in the states;) glad to see BNF2k7 up there too!!
  11. Glad to see the Boards back up... my uncle told me ya never now what you got till it's gone HAHA!!. Hey julie don't sweat it i can't remember the last time i was on ws.com we all know were the real fans are!
  12. Thanks Tim, can't wait for the bridging the gap specials especially Queen Latifah and Eve!! yeah MTV is a joke the only reason i used to watch was for Run's House now all they show is that next top modle crap all day.
  13. Awesome brakes glad you had a great time at the show.. Rhymefest sounds like a real cool guy. can't wait to here some more jeff and fess tracks haha dope pics brakes :thumbsup:
  14. Hell Yeah thanks for the articles AJ!!! can't wait for it and it permiers Oct 15th. i saw the preview for it yesterday looks like it's gonna be good.
  15. HAPPY Bday BIG WILL :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  16. Cool i really wanna hear the soulfull remix!!
  17. Does anyone know if it's available on itunes yet?
  18. Happy Birthday!! analogue have a good one :wiggle: :wickedwisdom:
  19. Have a safe trip AJ!! :thumbsup:
  20. Happy Belated Bday dude hope you had a good one :thumbsup:
  21. Hey whats up Gilbert Welcome to the boards bro!! hope you have a great time :thumbsup:
  22. Awesome vid!! looks like they had a lot of fun.. the track has grown on me alot since i've had the album;) i'm still hoping for a remix with Will come on Will just one verse!!
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