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  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Eshon Burgundy + Black Ice - Run That Back
  2. Voted! also voted for LL's Momma Said Knock You Out :wickedwisdom:
  3. Sucks you can only get it on ebay!! i was hoping i could atleast import it from amazon.. i don't have itunes.
  4. So are there any plans for a U.S. release or is our best bet ebay?
  5. HAHA makes me think about that FPOBA episode he was on.. yeah i'm definitly a Heavy D fan though i still need to pick up that Heavy Hits cd, with all the crap on radio and tv i'd love a new Heavy album!
  6. Cool!! DefCeM... hope you took some pictures like DJ Kool told everyone to haha!!
  7. That was Awesome thanks tim... man DJ Kool is still rockin the crowd at 48!!! :wickedwisdom: makes me wanna see a live performance of coming to the stage.. love to see that happen!!!
  8. Funny i was listening to Willennium last night wishing there was some new music.. but i geuss if him and jeff atleast decides to do some shows soon i'll be happy with that if even that happens!!!
  9. Just the fact that LL's working with 50, is making me wanna skip this and wait til his next one. LL's one of my favorite artist i think the next album will be much better than ''Exit 13''
  10. Happy Belated Bday Sandy!!!! sorry it's so late.
  11. Man i can't wait for this to come out now!! just wonder if the Wii version will have online play like madden.
  12. I love that remix, Good job Big Willie That and Just Cruisin are 2 of my fav Will remixes!!
  13. Awesome interview, thanks gotta love what jeff said about the industry.. think we all feel the same way.
  14. Happy Birthday!!!! hope ya had a good one :wickedwisdom:
  15. That was cool thanks!.. i wonder witch boom single that was on too?! That be funny if Will ended all his rhymes like that :lol:
  16. Yeah, it's pritty much the same video over the new baseline beat with Jazzy's scratches at the beginning;) Lovin the new beat :wickedwisdom:
  17. Darryl ''DMC'' McDaniels sat down with chet certus of NECN news and talked about his new album ''The Next Level '' DMC says he's 85 percent done with it.. and say he's just not taking hip hop but music in general to another level!! you can check the interview on dmc's web site me-dmc.com. Can't wait for this!!
  18. Hey AJ really hope things work out for you... you know we got ya back Homie :2thumbs:
  19. Hey guys just saw the movie yesterday.. just Awesome Really funny, Go check it when you can!!
  20. Love to here those new mixes... so is Sony/BMG planning on releasing these anytime soon?!
  21. same here and i couldn't watch that whole video while he's wearing FP's chain :thumbdown:
  22. I always wonderd were jeff kept his JJFP plaques!! sounds like i'm gonna have to pic up that album when it comes out! thanks dope vid :wickedwisdom:
  23. Happy Birthday Jim!! Have a good one :2thumbs:
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