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    Playing and Watching Basketball(favorite team: Chicago Bulls fan 4 life favorite players: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen forever),listening to hip-hop(preferably JJFP, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, 2Pac, Run-Dmc, Nas, Rakim,Talib Kweli, The Roots, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, and any other mc that reps the art and not the charts)), regaee, and r&b, computers, video games, freestyling and writing rhymes, representing hip-hop to the fullest!

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  1. it's a miracle we're all here in 2022 to celebrate the legend's b day, show some love to hip hop royalty
  2. illmatic is a great album don't get me wrong but that wasn't the only great 90s hip hop album
  3. to me this should be hip hop album of the year one of the best ever to get on the mic, rest forever dawg
  4. i got my book in the mail today i have more respect for fresh prince after reading some of this, he's a true class act of a person as well as an artist....
  5. ...for example dieheart hip hop heads like me tim and aj think miami is one of will's least lyrical songs, if a proper lyrical record like don't say nothin was a single fresh prince would be ranked higher as a lyricist, to me that goes hard like a krs/rakim song....
  6. lll cool j and fresh prince are both as talented as emcees, it's just that def jam promoted ll cool j better than jive/columbia promoted fresh prince
  7. i just ordered the will book on friday, gave myself an early holiday present
  8. scarface is an all time great but he needs to focus on his life and health, i'm sure in due time he'll be back though once things improve...
  9. big willie good seeing you brother, it's a great time to be a jjfp fan, with the will book, king richard, and mag mob jazzy jeff site it's like lost and found 2005 all over again, and other things in hip hop with the krs one vs big daddy kane versuz battle has been bringing interest in old school hip hop again, ll cool j and jay z made the hall of fame has been exciting, i've been catching up with other hip hop books like 50 cent's autobiography, eminem's biography, and jay-z' decoded as well studying how other artists think and do their thing and i've been doing my thing too, keeping busy writing music and doing zoom group therapy classes has been beneficial during the covid 19 time, i do freelance online stuff too, looking forward to 2022 and the future 2020s years to be a resurrection of real hip hop...
  10. it's the #1 book out right now, it's on my christmas wish list, he should drop a jjfp album right now, there's a lot of buzz, jeff is getting love with his magmob site, people are craving the old school hip hop....
  11. i'm not sure i'm interested in reading this book now after all this bull**** coming out about his affairs leaked in the book
  12. If it was 10 years ago i'd say against Heavy D and the Boyz but now that he's passed I'd say Kid N Play, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, KRS One, or Eric B and Rakim would be good choices. we need to bring back the classic hip hop...
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