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  1. i'm not sure i'm interested in reading this book now after all this bull**** coming out about his affairs leaked in the book
  2. If it was 10 years ago i'd say against Heavy D and the Boyz but now that he's passed I'd say Kid N Play, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, KRS One, or Eric B and Rakim would be good choices. we need to bring back the classic hip hop...
  3. i'd consider nas and common more gospel hip hop than i would kanye west, i heard kanye's breaking records for most streamed gospel music, it's a good album, but it's not epic, although that drake trash is getting a lot of streams right now too, people called will smith and mc hammer sell outs back in the day but their music was legendary and there was a lot of quality music selling back then too, the internet killed quality music...
  4. he should release a lost and found inspiring type song for the soundtrack, win a grammy and an oscar....
  5. well i'd never consider kanye the greatest hip hop artist or anything but how many good albums are out these days? there's a reason why i don't blame will for not putting out music anymore, i wouldn't want to be associated with these wack rappers and kanye's still better than drake and 90% of these so called rappers out in the last 10-15 years...but on another note nas and common put out great albums recently but it's sad how people are so damn focused on record sales that they don't give them a listen...
  6. classic, boyz ii men has been my favorite r and b group for all 30 years
  7. ...on another note though i believe one thing that seperates kanye west from other mainstream rap artists is that i need to give credit where credit is due, if he never released the college dropout album in early 2004 who knows if will smith would've released lost and found album a year later in 2005, let's pray that donda could do the same thing here for will....
  8. to me kanye west besides 50 cent lil wayne rick ross and drake he's been one of the most overrated and egotistical and inconsistant rap artist but with this album donda he has returned to making the real hip hop music he was making from 2002-2006 ish he'll never lose the ego but with welcome arms WELCOME BACK TO REAL HIP HOP KANYE WEST, maybe this will inspire will to put out an album again because this is one of the best mainstream hip hop album since lost and found outside of common and nas....
  9. Yes Chucky Thompson a hip hop legend rest in peace
  10. yes i listened to it this morning, classic always!
  11. Biz was truely one of a kind, he always would bring peaceful and fun vibes to hip hop like JJFP, Kid N Play, Digital Underground, MC Hammer, Eric B and Rakim, and a handful of hip hop artists from the 80s and 90s, not super lyrical but always full of swag, rest well....
  12. Outlawz are probably trying to get back in the spotlight again, although I do consider them underrated btw
  13. it's another powerful album from the dawg i've been listening to it since earlier this morning, another banger for the collection....
  14. dmx always was a hard worker, a big majority of his music was powerful, he deserves to be in the hall of fame
  15. well said aj he definately brought out the authentic style of p-funk and the realest side of 2pac, a one of a kind artist, he truely will be missed, rest in paradise to an icon...
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