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  1. Hey, can you still get a shirt with a credit card if you don't have pay pal ?
  2. Yeah i don't know about everyone else but i'm not getting my hopes up... it sounds hard to believe with all the movies wills filming hope it's true though.
  3. I've got a couple of prank phone call cds from rickey smiley, good for long car trips love we miss robert HAHA i also have kings of comedy, matin lawrence you so crazy, and a couple of def comedy jam videos.
  4. I don't want any guest appearances on the next album, just will and jeff on every track!!
  5. I got a copy of the japan version of lost and found for about $30 from amazon a couple weeks ago, and i've been playing that more than the u.s version!!
  6. I can't believe nobody mention ''scream'' love I'm comin, and I'm all that ''for years people trying to figure out how to stop the prince'' ''they say i'm concided but i'm not it's just confidence'' love that line from scream!!
  7. I'm intrested in that Robin Thicke album and i heard Mariah Carey's supposed to have a cd/dvd of her adventures of mimi tour defo, looking forward to that.
  8. I went with ''just the 2 of us'' ''Gettin jiggy wit it'' and MIB.
  9. Not a big fan of DFB but that remix was kinda hot could've done without Bow Wow though HAHA.
  10. Think so.. the last thing i heard her on was the Rev Run remix that JD did.
  11. Nice read AJ.. i can't wait to here some new music from Da Brat!!! doesn't she supposed to have an album out soon?.
  12. Now Thats crazy.. :3-laugh3:
  13. Kris Kross - Tonites Tha Night ( Kris Kross Redman Remix)
  14. Awesome Brakes!!! glad to here you had a great time with THE MAGNIFICENT thanks for asking jeff about new JJFP material atleast he's trying damn schedules lock will in the studio jeff!!!
  15. It's gonna be a Very Merry Christmas this year. :2thumbs:
  16. :word: This has been like bad news day or something.
  17. Man.. that's heartbreaking can't only imagine what their going through my thoughts and prayers go out to the simmons family.
  18. i'm dying for that new digable planets album!!! also looking forward to snoop, mc lyte, hip hop forever 3, but were the hell is The Return Of The Magnificent!!!!.
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG WILLIE!!!!! he ain't getting older just better. :3-laugh3:
  20. a little old school HAHA.. JAZZY JEFF AND BRAKES hey could happen dope track gonna check for that mixtape. :2thumbs:
  21. A JJFPCON sounds interesting... just wish i could go and wish it could be closer to were i live. :shakehead:
  22. looking forward to Rush Hour 3.. loved the first two!!!
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