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  1. It's a new years anthem to me AJ just like Summertime is you can't get through summer without that song and Will2K just makes bringing in the new year more fun for me personally Willennium era was so much fun
  2. FP still got it i'm so excited for the album i don't mind Sean Paul hearing this though made me intantly think of the Switch reggae mix lol
  3. Sup Guys it's been a minute, but it's so good to hear FP's getting back to music after his performance from the Grammy Hip Hop 50 celebration i've been hoping he would get that itch to release an album i need to listen to that track with Sean Paul ofcourse i'm with the peeps that want that classic JJFP hip hop fun vibe and Will just spittin but yeah after all he's been through lately i'm sure he wants to vent that out i don't mind more serious FP but hope theres still some fun on the album
  4. I hope over time people will get tired of it and for right now things like Will's podcast that's what i'm so looking forward to
  5. Let's Go!!!! Also what's up Tim! Hope you've been doing good love you man and all of the JJFP FAM! Here!
  6. I don't know about you guys but i'm sick to death of hearing about Wll and Jada's ''Marriage' I'm so tired of it tired of people still talking about the slap i'm tired of all this **** excuse my language just frustrated as a Will fan i feel the same way one of the ladies on the View felt where she said ''I Don't care about there personal life all i care bout is watching Fresh Prince re runs and Will's movies'' I kinda wish she said something about Will's music but something that's always overlooked speaking of seeing Jeff at the BET Hip Hop awards this year was awesome wish they could have done a JJFP Tribute but i'm just beyond tired of all this drama and persolnal stuff I Don't Care at freaking all about this crap i just just want to pay attention to Will's work i listened recently to Big Willie Style haven't listened to the album in a while and it felt so good to listen to again that's what i want to care about.
  7. Nice!!! Looking forward to listening to this aw man class of 88 just a golden year in hip hop
  8. No matter what comes it just feels good to see will rhyming again
  9. You hit the nail on the head Jim man! It's clear as day he's afraid to fail with his music and man that is so worrying just put something out it doesn't have to be Big Willie Style of success he's is letting all of us down and it's so sad i got so excited when he posted that freestyle and at the en of the video it said new music soon i guess not
  10. I understand obliations but man this is disappointing Will says his first love is hip hop really hard seeing that with things like this
  11. **** Chris Will apologizes like a man and what does this bitter son of a bitch do **** Chris
  12. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel really is an underrated album but man it's been crazy how much traction It's A wrap has been getting twitter has been going nuts on it
  13. The love that JJFP have from Hip Hop that's got to feel good to Will and Jeff Man!
  14. I really wish this mess would get dropped everybody is ****ting on Will and it's infuriatig
  15. Yo! Thank you for sharing Ale! Will and Jeff's stage presence is just on another level to me
  16. He can let alot out with his music to me thats what Lost and Found felt like especially with Mr Nice Guy i can see Will making another track like that adressing public perception of him and that he always has to smile all the time and not get frustrated alot of people feel like that so it will be relatable
  17. It's been so frustrating as a fan personally because you can't openly talk about him now or enjoy his work wether it be music or movies without people bringing up the incident and i'm on youtube just wanting to listen to his music and search after search you just see the oscar incident pop up and it's just draining at this point i'm going to be a fan forever but i'm so over the oscar crap
  18. Some music can be his way of venting and letting things out and i'm with AJ i don't really want to hear his family on anything maybe Jaden on a remix or something but Will should do some recording
  19. Thanks for this AJ! Jeff is such a beast at producing
  20. I Hate today's society you can't make one wrong laps in judgement and the public have there pitch forks out it's really hard as a fan right now because you say something in public about not even the incident like there's been articles on facebook about I AM Legend 2 and you can't even be excited for the movie without people coming at you and i don't get it yeah what Will did was wrong but what i don't understand is other people have done much worse and when they come back people forgive them dso why can't Will be forgiven I hate today's society
  21. I still need to see Bad Boys For Life I agree with AJ As long as the script is good they can keep making them Bad Boys and Men In Black are like my favorite movie franchises i know how people feel about the last MIB movie but i still really enjoyed it when all this crap has blown over i hope Bad Boys 4 can get going again
  22. I didn't even watch the Oscars and recently the grammys i haven't watched an award show in years. and then i go twitter and see all kinds of post and memes about what happened and i'm just Damn. what the heck happened? What's going on with Will? I'm definitely in the camp that you aint just going to make a disrespectful joke about a man's wife and he's just going to smile about it slapping Chris on live tv wasn't a good move clearly he could have talked to him of camera or something. but i hate how everything feels against Will now.
  23. Hi guys! Been away for a while but obviously with what happened i want to see how the fam here feels, and to me, it's just, my heart hurts for Will right now. But i need to ask. In what world are you not allowed to stand up for yourself and your family when they get disrespected, from a joke that shouldn't have been made, You get angry and react and your the one who gets all the **** thrown at you. like Really! WTF! I hope and pray Will will be alright from this.
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