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  1. Man i need to check the boards more often haha.. may 8 can't get here quick enough like the tracklisting can't wait to here Brand New Funk2k7 and the kel spencer track!!!
  2. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY TIM!!! hope you had a good one.
  3. I hope it does happen if i turn on to the grammys and see will and jeff on stage i'm gonna flip!!!
  4. Can't wait to see the new site i haven't been there since lost and found came out the front page looks like something outta i,robot though haha.
  5. Very cool congratz brakes!!!
  6. It's definitaly a good quality shirt the last band shirt i ever had was a kris kross shirt from 92 cheep thing ripped in a week haha!
  7. Nice song but is the cursing really necessary like the he's the dj, reference though!
  8. Hey guys, i just got my shirt today and its dope! the design is awesome it looks better now i have it in person Great Job Tim!!!
  9. Awesome pic! hope this gives will a little urge to get back on the mic!!
  10. September 1st.. at chattanooga food and drink Man i can't believe i missed that!!! hope he comes back soon.
  11. Run Dmc - Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) (Live)
  12. Nice review Tim... sounds like the albums gonna be hot but i wish will coudl've got on there.. but hey tim when the Hell did jeff come to chattanooga i didn't here anything about that!!!!
  13. HAHA thats because you haven't came accross me yet turntable!!!
  14. Well, today is christmas eve so i'm gonna chill at the house with my mom and my little brother and open presents in the morning and watch the lakers and heat game then go to my aunts house give thanks before we open present and pig out haha... then we watch a few movies and i'll probably come home and eat some more haha... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  15. In the famus word of Ron Simmons DANM!!!.
  16. Awesome!!! but i wish there were a cd version also oh well i'll be ready for the album in march tho!!.'
  17. Yeah that's the same thing i thought at first, thought i was trippin HAHA. looks cool though!
  18. I, heard it earlier today enjoyed that alot well except that currsing from the crowd will put dude in his place huh haha.
  19. No Doubt, I'll support FP regardless but like most members have said i'm always goona be a fan of his music more but it dosen't mean i'm not going to any of his movies anymore... he's my favorite entertainer period but if Lost And Found is his last album it's a hell of an album to go out on.
  20. Yea, I got Super Mario World. They only have about 10 or so games on it right now, the original Sonic and Zelda, and the Super NES version of Sim City are the ones that looked interesting to me. They seemed over priced though... I think it was $5 - $8 for most of them with Super Mario World costing $10. It, seems like a reasonable price to me $5 for the original Sonic and Zelda and i heard they are going to ad a new game every week i'm just itching to swing my Wiimote like a sword in twilight princess!!!
  21. Man!! its not fair i gotta wait till christmas to get my wii has anybody tried to download any of the classic games on the virtual console yet?
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