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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. That would be hot FPOBA party.. that was a dope costume to didn't know papa smurf had it with the lady's like that haha.
  2. That was dope thanks Ale!.. i've seen JJFP do the street remix of Boom! on arsenio hall but never the original live. i wish they'd do i'm looking for the one more.
  3. Congratz AJ! looks like a real sweet ride :2thumbs:
  4. Mariah Carey releases double disc dvd showcasing the superstar's most successful tour, ''THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI'' available exclusively through Best Buy Fans get an all access Vip pass to concert performances, exclusive behind the scenes, an original Spike Lee directed mariah mini movie and much more on this 2-disc dvd set. THE ADVENTURES OF MIMI will be available for $19.99 exclusively at all Best Buy stores in the United States and Canada starting December 4 and online at www.BestBuy.com and www.BestBuy.ca The Adventures Of Mimi will also be available outside of North America on Nov. 19.
  5. I'd like to pick one up to Tim..but it'll have to be after the holiday's for me though.
  6. Cool pic haha.. hope FP gets this one wish he was up for the music one too
  7. Wow, looks like alot of people are feelin those Tell Me Why vids! freshfromsofia's dope.. makes me wish there was a proper one though.
  8. MC Lyte - My Main Aim (NBA Live 2005 Soundtrack)
  9. Yeah, i hope they do a i am legend tour or something.. wish ROTM sold more but it's still pretty good for an independent release.
  10. Yeah, DMC has been performing alot lately. i'd love to see him and Run do a few tribute show's for Jay.
  11. I went with mabe to i mean JJFP one the first rap grammy ever.. i think that oughta account for something.
  12. Thanks AJ & Julie, yeah it's a real pain right now but i believe it's gonna work out in the long run. we had to get away from those hateful people, and get a fresh new start.. thanks again for the support fam appriciate it.
  13. I don't have time to do much this year but i did get to watch the Great Pumpkin last night.. i got a rock haha!!
  14. Well, i geuss it's my turn to ask for some prayer and support from the boards..me and my family are moving it's messed up how it all went down but my mom said it's time for us to leave. i'll let you guy's know when we get settled in just wanted to ask for some support thanks in advance.
  15. I got it off from limewire... it's not wrong to download if you can't find the record is it :lolsign: Mariah Carey feat. Da Brat + Xscape Always be my Baby (Mr.Dupri Mix)
  16. Rev Run I Used To Think i Was Run (So So Def Remix)
  17. I thought i was a big JJFP fan haha!! the cakes look dope :wickedwisdom:
  18. Thank god for amazon!.. i bet this would be impossible to find in stores.
  19. eeewww those monsters look freaky hahaha!!.. Awesome trailor can't wait for the movie :wickedwisdom:
  20. Cool!! the more i here about this movie the more i wanna see it.. can't wait for the full trailor thnx Tim. :thumbsup:
  21. I here what your saying, but i think nobody can get Will to get some new music out if he doesn't wanna do it himself.. but that is intresting, Omarr could give Will a little bit off a push though!.. L+F is almost 3 years old come next march and Omarr could get in Will's ear to let him know it's about time to get something new out.
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