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  1. I think we will still get atleast get one more album.
  2. Hey AJ, glad to see you back homie!
  3. Happy Bday hope you had a good one!!
  4. Amen Tim Classic!!! :wickedwisdom:
  5. By THEPREMIER Joseph ''Reverend Run'' Simmons, who has played a key role in creating hip hop supergroup Run-DMC, has announced his signing to United Kingdom independent record label Craze Productions. Kid Rock, a rap/country artist who is also closely associated with Rev.Run, will be assisting in tours and publicity campaigns as a way to kick off the promotion for Simmons' album, which is set to be released sometime this quater. ''This is a landmark deal for Crazed Productions, which will put our company at the forefront of multi-faceted marketing and promotion in hip hop'' said Sam Kleinman, CEO of Crazed Productions, also predicting that the deal will ''lead other major artist to sign direct with digital record companies thus bypassing the major record companies.'' Crazed Productions has had a notable online music history, having only been mainly a Web and mobile downloads/ringtone company.
  6. Wow!.. the more i here this song the more i like it never been a big Michael fan but i love some of his jackson 5 stuff, i'm tempted to pic this up now.. hope he comes back big with his new album.
  7. Yeah, that Superman dunk was sick!!... also liked green's birthdaycake dunk.
  8. Funny clip... yeah maybe Will should resign with Columbia and work with track masters again.. (just joking!).
  9. It's just a classic track.. in my top 5 jjfp tracks love the flow and the production and it still sounds fresh today.
  10. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body E=MC2 (2008) MIMI's Back!... can't wait till the album comes out April 15th!
  11. DJ Jazzy Jeff - Bossynova The Return Of The Magnificent EP (2007) Smooth Track!!...
  12. One of the best tracks on BWS... along with my other favorites ''Yes Yes Y'all'' and ''Don't Say Nothin'' Great flow from Will, and love Jazzy's scratchin in the back gruond Good Times.... Dope!
  13. Awesome thanks for the heads up!!... yeah gotta get the 2 disc special edition.
  14. Yeah, and wait till the tour starts this summer i hope it'll get FP hyped to do more.. we all know Jeff's ready.
  15. You know what sucks... i just came from Best Buy and saw seasons 1-4 all lined up on the shelf brand new but no season 5 and 6 :thumbdown:
  16. Queen Latifah - Come Into My House Love this track miss latifah rippin the mic!...
  17. Well i wouldn't mind waiting on a new album just as long as Will can put his whole focus into it like his acting career.. still hope we atleast get that Hancock single though!
  18. NO!!!!!!! Not lorettaville haha... we don't need any will is hot topics C YA Later Fam Peace!.
  19. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Pump Up The Bass
  20. Thank you first time i seen this interview...yeah Willow looks so much like her daddy haha, Damn Will's house is huge.
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