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  1. Thanks guys! On a slight side note, on Will's lates Youtube Vlog he hints at a musical comeback. You guys might want to check it out.
  2. Thanks man! He was in Melb too. Did you get a chance to see him at all?
  3. Oh it's definitely my prized possession now! I'm building a house this year and this goes up in there for sure!
  4. I thought I'd share my experience from a week ago when I finally got the chance to meet Will or at least see him live. I haven't been on the forums here in a long long time, but Will was here in Australia recently and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try to see him in when it was announced that the morning show, Sunrise was going to have an exclusive interview and meet and greet with the man himself. Messaged the boss and told him that I wasn't coming in for that reason and he gave me the all clear. Got on the phone to my best mate and told him what was up and the next morning we were right there at the fence-line waiting for Will to come out. I took with me a couple of things I was hoping to get signed, including a couple of shirts and a custom made FRESH licence plate. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to exchange words with Will or even get a selfie, which some people were fortunate enough to get, however, not all was lost. I managed to get in at the nick of time for Will to sign my licence plate. To say the least I was beside myself with excitement. Definitely a bucket list moment for me and I hope I get the chance again to try for a selfie and chat. I've attached some pics from the day. I know that some of the pics aren't the greatest of quality but in the heat of the moment it was very hard to get a good picture and try to get things signed and get Will's attention :P.
  5. WE WON'T ive never heard this track til today. Whatta rip wish this was on the oz release version of lost and found!
  6. SO DISSAPOINTED!!!! how long are we gunna have to wait now til will and jazzy come back to Australia?? last time he was here (will) was for wat? Bad Boys 2? or iRobot? im not sure which i cant remember all i know is i was in High School back than! couldnt even drive to go see him.
  7. MY Bad! but still it effects us sydney fans something severe!!! i really hope Will and jazz dont cancel their performance though even if we have to pay i dnt care! but i doubt it seeing theyd have no real reason to come out. :( i do hope they plan on doing a independent tour of their own like a real concert :( so dissapointed
  8. THAT SUX hard!!!!! man im spewing i wish it wasnt true cause i really wanted to see him never have seen him live before
  9. OMG!!!! i just read the news section!!!! is it really true!?? is will NOT coming to sydney on june 10??? :( im sooo cut if this is true!! :(
  10. AWWWWWW DAmmmmn this is hype news!!!! cant wait for june 10 either ill be up there in the front wit my JJFP 4 EVA shirt on jamming along wit Will and Jazz!!! cant wait cant wait!!!! so pyshcd!
  11. im not sure if this has been posted but i seen this and had to show you guys! check it out! GTA meets FPOBA
  12. NPS i was just at my desk quikly and noticed it on YOUTUBE didnt get a chance to leave much of a comment its a sweet clip didnt even know it was in existance FP DOES love the camera haha!
  13. ive never heard this before so its new to me http://youtube.com/watch?v=nNqF3sQejXc enjoy!
  14. Still one of my all time favourites! this chorus is so catchy youd often find e cruisn the streets in summer listen to this beat. relaxes the mind, makes the day seem so perfect even at the ultimate worse. LIVING LOVING LOVING LIVING ITs ALL GOOD! so catchy!
  15. haha yeh i didnt want to eat it in fact i was caught runing around with the pictures in my hand through the night screamin "nooooo you cant eat JAZZY!!!!" lol and yes Papa smurf is a PIMP lol he gets ALL the ladies lol
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