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  1. Not Funny at all Not big a family guy fan in the first place... but even if the simpsons did it i wouldn't find it funny, it's gotta be done right first like south park.
  2. DOPE!! :wickedwisdom: Stop frontin Will... you know you want to do a new album,and you know you want to do it with Jeff;)
  3. DANM!!.. i'm hoping for another live dvd, and a live cd ;(
  4. DMC ft Kid Rock - Find My Way Checks Thugs And Rock & Roll (2006)
  5. Awesome THANKS Ale :wickedwisdom: Will's not done yet he still love's to rock the mic!!
  6. Yeah, just hang out for a while and it will be available.. and Welcome To The Boards!!
  7. Yeah, come on Will you got something to talk about now let's get that album going!!
  8. Yeah, those marathons has been going on for a while now but thanks AJ.. I turn on their when i'm bored or theirs nuthing on i like watching around the 5th and 6th seasons since we should've had the whole series on dvd by now.
  9. Mary J Blige ft Ludacris - Grown Woman Growing Pains (2007)
  10. This has been a long time dream of mine to see jjfp live... but it's goona be way to expensive i just hope they release a live DVD/CD someday the Will live dvd was cool but i want a proper jjfp set with all the talk about an old school tour.
  11. Digable Planets - Jimmy Diggin Cats Reachin ( A New Refutation Of Time And Space) (1993)
  12. You can't keep running in and out of my life said Will's mic...
  13. Will Smith - Holla Back Love Black's Magic AJ.. that whole album was dope and salt ripped that track Swift :wickedwisdom:
  14. Mariah Carey ft. Fat Joe - It's Like That (Scott Storch Remix)
  15. Yeah, you never know say this new single for hanckock gets big and the tour is succesfull to then all of a sudden we have a new album.. i keep going back to when Will said he wasn't recording again and we got Big Willie Style.. stay positive and a live JJFP CD/DVD has to come out.
  16. Yeah we know when Will gets that bug he has to do more... a single for Hancock would be awesome.. let's hope plans for the tour work out as well.
  17. I'd love to be apart of one of these podcast but i don't have a mic.. and what else do you need to be apart of one?
  18. ant1


    1. Moving to a bigger and better apartment 2. Bought and still bumpin TROTM... really the only album i got last year 3. 18 year wait finally we got The Simspsons Move.. i thought it was worth the wait 4. Still can't find a freakin Wii 5.but got a DS Lite and Mario Kart haha.
  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY JJFP FAM!!! Hope ya'll had a MERRY CHRISTMAS too.. moving has been a real pain that's kept me of line for a while but it's all good now looking forward to 08!! hope all of us have a great new year :wickedwisdom:
  20. Yeah, kinda sucks for us U.S fans that don't live in la and new york.. but still great news JJFP Back up in ya face!!
  21. Rev Run + Mase + Diddy + Snoop Dogg + Salt N Pepa + Onyx + Keith Murry Santa Baby
  22. I'm still syched for this movie.. it's going to be BIG even if they gave it a hollywood ending.
  23. Tatyana Ali feat. Lord Turiq + Peter Gunz - Daydreamin (Darkchild Remix)
  24. Thanks for turning me back into a Chipmunks fan HAHA. i think i remember seing this when it aired on tv but the thing i rememberd most is watching the cartoons and The Cipmunks Adventure over and over when i was little.
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