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  1. Tatyana Ali feat. Lord Turiq + Peter Gunz - Daydreamin (Darkchild Remix)
  2. Thanks for turning me back into a Chipmunks fan HAHA. i think i remember seing this when it aired on tv but the thing i rememberd most is watching the cartoons and The Cipmunks Adventure over and over when i was little.
  3. Yeah, if he said in 05 he's found the rapper inside himself he sure got lost quick.. with the way music is right now i wouldn't want will to come back yet anyway. it's just sad to think we might have seen will's last abum i still have some hope though!
  4. Quad City DJ's feat. 69Boyz - What You Want For Christmas Quad City All Star Christmas (1996)
  5. Thanks for those dates MissAsshley!! and does anybody know if he's gonna be on BET and MTV?
  6. HAPPY THANKSGIVING everybody!!!
  7. Are the controls easy to get into or do you have to get used to it first? and you can't beat plaing mario in 3D for the fist time in mario64 and my other fav SMB3.
  8. House Of Pain - Top Of The Morning To Ya House Of Pain Fine Malt Lyrics (1992)
  9. I still love Jiggy, Men In Black brought will back to the mic.. love that track to but you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing Gettin' Jiggy Wit It when it first came out.
  10. Trey Lorenz - My Everything Mr. Mista (2006)
  11. lol, TESTIFY Tim that place is a discrace i don't even go to the message board just to check if they post any news on the main page.. every once in a blue moon.
  12. Me too.. i' haven't heard $ can't buy me love yet either.. and i'd love for Will to release Coming to the stage in the US but i want Will's next album all new music.
  13. Spin was on the last episode when they perfomed on the tyra banks show.. yeah it kinda hurts to see them fight all the time but they work it out.. next episode they go to that Jena 6 raly. D Generation X - (Break It Down Remix)
  14. Salt N Pepa - Champagne what you guys think of the SNP show so far.. i like it alot
  15. This is my first time hearing it Thanx!! i think i remember seing this on one of the singles one ebay.
  16. Well i've seen the Japan version of Code Red on ebay. but with basically the same tracklist as the us version don't know about the others though. Coming to the stage should have been on all versions of L+F it's such a high energy track.. but japan always get the good stuff.
  17. Jermaine Dupri feat. Usher + Da Brat - The Party Continues (Life In 1472 1998)
  18. You got it AJ, hope your friend's nephew makes a full recovery from his coma and stomach problems.
  19. Evan Wilson, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities, says there is a new Nintendo DS being designed. According to Wilson citing an unamed source, the new hardware will drop the GBA slot have an even thinner profile than the DS lite and add some storage media and enlarged screens. Reportedly, nintendo is waiting to release the new system until demand and sales for the current-gen DS lapers off. Hmmm... keep in mind, it's just a rumor now, but it seems pretty likely that Nintendo would have at least begun design on whatever they have coming up next.
  20. Definitely a must have game.. but it's still hard to find a dang wii.
  21. Yeah, looked pretty crapy to me.. the Jeff look alike looked a little like him. but who the Hell is that Will wannabe i'd sayi it's pretty fake.
  22. Mariah Carey - Underneath The Stars (Daydream 1995)
  23. Looking forward to some new taty!!
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