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  1. Independence Day (9.5/10) Men In Black (9/10) Bad Boys (8.5/10) Bad Boys II (8.0/10) Enemy Of The State (8.0/10) Pursuit Of Happyness (8.0/10) Ali (7.5/10) I, Robot (7/10) I Am Legend (6.5/10) Seven Pounds (6.5/10) Hitch (6/10) Six Degrees Of Separation (5.5/10) The Legend Of Bagger Vance (5.5/10) Hancock (5/10) Men In Black II (4.5/10) Wild Wild West (4.5/10) Made In America (4/10) After Earth (4/10) Where The Day Takes You (4/10)
  2. The movie is bad ass and in typical Tarantino style. The casting of the actors was perfect, Christopher Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson. All of them have done a great job. Will missed the opportunity to be in such a great movie, let's see how After Earth will do this summer.
  3. Movie getting great reviews so far. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/django_unchained_2012/#contentReviews Christmas Report: Great Debuts for 'Les Mis,' 'Django' by Ray Subers Les Miserables December 26, 2012 As expected, the 2012 Holiday movies audiences were really excited for came out on Christmas Day, not the weekend before: Les Miserables and Django Unchainedboth got off to fantastic starts on the holiday, whileParental Guidance had a very solid debut as well. Les Miserables led all movies with $18.1 million, which is the top opening day ever for a musical ahead of High School Musical 3: Senior Year ($17 million). It also ranks as the second-highest Christmas Day launch behindSherlock Holmes ($24.6 million), and fourth among all Christmas Day grosses behind Sherlock, Avatar ($23.1 million) and Meet the Fockers ($19.5 million). All three of those movies ultimately went on to earn over $200 million at the domestic box office. Les Miserables's audience skewed a bit female (56 percent), and gave it a great "A" CinemaScore. In second place, Django Unchained debuted to just over $15 million. That's fifth all-time for Christmas Day (third among debuts), and is also writer-director Quentin Tarantino's highest start ever ahead of Inglourious Basterds ($14.4 million). This opening is particularly impressive considering the challenges of selling violent R-rated material around this time of year: for example, it took The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo four days to get past $15 million last year. With good word-of-mouth on Les Miserables and Django Unchained, and considering how well movies usually hold at this time of year, it's practically a foregone conclusion that both titles wind up with well over $100 million by the end of their runs. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey had to settle for third place on Christmas Day with an estimated $11.3 million. Through 12 days, the first part of a prequel trilogy has netted $168.3 million. Billy Crystal-Bette Midler family comedy Parental Guidance wasn't nearly as strong as Les Mis or Django, but it still tallied a very nice $6.4 million on opening day. That's almost double what Fox's Gulliver's Travels made on Christmas Day two years ago; more importantly, it's only a bit off from Cheaper by the Dozen's $7.8 million Christmas opening in 2003. Parental Guidance's release is clearly modeled off Cheaper, and if it holds as well (which is possible, but highly unlikely) it will wind up with over $110 million.
  4. I mentioned it several times before...this is gonna be Will's next big mistake after Matrix. Christopher Waltz rocks.
  5. This looks really good, but so were the trailers for Part 2. :-)
  6. Will & Denzel together on the movie screen would be a dream. But Adam McKay as a director? I would have preferred someone like Spike Lee or Scott Sanders.
  7. Trailer is alright, the jokes are to obvious and not that funny. One good thing is that the trailer comes directly to the storyline. Lets say it like this, there is much potential to do better trailer and hopefully a great movie. :D
  8. I don't think Will would react, because he is not a battle rapper (anymore). It took 5 years to say basically "I don't give a ****" to Eminem. :D
  9. If its true, it is a really bad choice. Look at the rumoured movies. 2015: I, Robot 2 2014 Bad Boys 3 Wheeler Dealers Independence Day 3 Uptown Saturday Night 2013 Joe Greenbacks It Takes a Thief Welcome to the Sticks Extra Protection Monster Hunter The Karate Kid 2 One Thousand A.E. Time Share Harold and the Purple Crayon Untitled Dr. S. Allen Counter Project Angelology The Last Pharaoh Independence Day 2 The Legend of Cain Flowers for Algernon Hancock 2 Fantastic Voyage Annie Monster Witness Relocation Program What Would Kenny Do? Brushback Last Pharaoh, Annie, Uptown Saturday Night and BB3 would be much better projects.
  10. I really hope that they have so serious issues regarding divorce. It's the normal procedure that this celebrity split rumours are denied and after a couple of months/years they announce their end. I guess Will's next movie role will definately be not "A star is born", it would be funny though.
  11. I think it should be mix of old and new skool artists, otherwise its hard to sell some records. In general it is difficult now for rap artists. My choices: LL Cool J or Ice Cube Nas or Jay Z Lupe Fiasco Bruno Mars Rihannna or Janelle Monae Producers: Jeff Kanye West Pharell Timbaland Probably Willow & Jaden will also have a track on the album, maybe Kyle too.
  12. Wow this is shocking news...I'm excited.This came out of nowhere...who are the rumoured artists/producers so far on the album?
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