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  1. Yes, please repost. It's not working
  2. Can somebody post "Willywood" and "Dance or Die"
  3. both of those links expired... i NEED THIS SONG!
  4. YESSSs!!!! and wills right, its a great opening.
  5. IM calling it, this is wills OSCAR winner...
  6. LUPES #2 on my list after will
  7. its not bad... better then some of the other tracks
  8. lol HILLARIOUS. its funny cause its truuuuuuuuuu
  9. all my cousin keeps talking about is Wale... i really wanna hear this. the link doesnt work tho.
  10. ya, theres a reason why will didnt do a song for legend....
  11. ya its rediculous... after all weve done making fun of him, now hes not guilty... ITS ON VIDEO for crying out loud!
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