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  1. WHAT'S UP KEL!! The first thing a wanna say is THANK U for your music and keeping it positive. wish there were more like you in the game i know your albums gonna be HUGE hope you do more tracks with Jeff The Definition was sick!! All my best wishes KEL :wickedwisdom:
  2. And 9 years since Willennium and the last jjfp tracks..i'm hoping we'll here something this summer during the tour any news would be good at this point.
  3. That's interesting, hope the show is a big success.. glad to her she's almost threw with her album... man she still looks beutiful!!
  4. From the trailer it looks like it's gonna be a funny movie.. and the special effects looks to be good to i'll be even more excited if we get a song for the soundtrack.
  5. Don't forget about the grammy's and the ama's he's won!
  6. Queen Latifah - Bananas (Who You Gonna Call) Order In The Court (1998)
  7. Happy Birthday Jonny!!!... where ever you are!!
  8. Hey, Kev and Julie if you just have a broadband hi speed internet connection your good to go!
  9. You da man Ale haha... can't wait to get my dvd next week!
  10. Thanks Visqo So its finally out lol, i can't wait to see how the game play with the 4 different control schemes!
  11. AAAHHH!!!.. i had a feelin you was talking about kel when you mentioned to me you'd have a guest on the album we'd find familiar.. can't wait to here that track! Oh and like the album title and cover dope brakes.. i want my copy to... let um know u can be clean but still street :2thumbs:
  12. Love Will's energy lol, yeah the headset thing is pretty cheesy where his real mic!?
  13. Awesome Thanks Ale!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  14. Hey guys, does anybody have the full version of Don't Fight The Feelin off the japan greatest hits i heard the snippet of it a while back but never the full song.. thanks in advance if anyone has it.
  15. Nice find julie!!, that was from bloopers and practical jokes right.
  16. Aww Man that was Dope thanks Ale.. love the sanford and son underwater HAHA!!
  17. Salt N Pepa - Start Me Up can't wait till next weeks SNP episode there recording a new track in the studio.. just hope they can get it done without screamin at each other.
  18. WoW Jada was so patient haha!!.. come on though let the people leave those paparazzi can go a little to far some times. Man i want one of those party starter shirts.
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