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  1. i dont have any sympathies left for Will. He really had it coming. Why would you reveal your private life in public and put your traumas on display for everybody to get at you? As a long time fan its sad to see that a positive role model turned into the opposite. I was already struggling as a JJFP fan without any new music for almost 20 years and always thought that he didnt care about his legacy in hiphop. Besides all that, he put his family in danger with all the stunts he did and pushed others to do (his father in law got a heart attack right? wtf?), then his weirdo mindset and pseudo esoteric gibberish about the universe and last but not least his reckless behaviour at the Oscars. it seems rich and famous people just dont know how to handle life. Its either drugs or some other crazy **** that gets them.
  2. For me it’s not particularly only about this incident, but his overall weird behavior in the past 4-5 years. I always liked him for the image of Will Smith he projected. To be positive and conscious about the message he puts out there. @Lerkot and that’s why I think it‘ll ruin his „I am Will Smith and everybody is my friend“ image. He will kinda end like Mel Gibson (who was also at the show), probably not as bad as his position, but he will always be remembered for this. I think there’s no dignity in humiliating yourself on the red table and using all this public attention to prostitute your deepest and most intimate thoughts and feelings. And all that to make money at the end of the day. Personally I think, that he’s totally lost, both in terms of his ambitions as an artist and as a human being. All those stunts and kicks he needed, putting other people he loves in danger, talking quite some esoterical nonsense, etc i just can’t overlook all that anymore. The Fresh Prince is gone and that’s it.
  3. Agreed. This incident has probably damaged his reputation permanently. I don’t think he‘ll be respected as an artist as he used to be. Stripping away the Oscar and never invite him again would be the only logical consequence in my opinion. He disgraced and disrespected the whole legacy of that show. I’d be OK if he released a new oldskool kinda track here and there for nostalgic reasons, but I can’t really get into „Will Smith“ as that person became somebody I don’t like anymore.
  4. This could’ve been handled more professionally f.e backstage This was immature and impulsive.
  5. I haven’t been online here in ages and just had to come and share my feelings. I am really shocked and disappointed of his behavior and think that this is unacceptable. He didn’t even apologize to Chris at his speech. As a long time JJFP fan I must say, that the Fresh Prince I used to like and watch and listen to is no more. Will totally lost his sense of responsibility as an artist.. what it means to be a role model. He shouldn’t have made his private life so public in the first place. All that red table talk and stuff totally screwed him up. The showbiz is not the place to elaborate and therapy your life. my respect for him is on a low point and honestly he is more and more becoming an example on how NOT to do things in life. What a shame. I won’t support him anymore and will stick with his old stuff. But nonetheless I hope he’ll get out of this mess…
  6. well, the hate was strong back in the day. Everybody was on the gangsta rap hype and people were smashing Will. Kinda funny how everybody out on social media now talks about Will like he's always been a legend, The Fresh Prince, the GOAT, etc. To be honest, people didn't support Will when he was still in the game. I don't take most of the positive criticism serious (from the older folks). HipHop has always been a macho and patriarchal domain with lots of people masking their insecurities and ignorance behind trash talking and fake attitudes. Over the years that really turned down my interest in the culture. On the other side I really appreciate a young and upcoming generation giving Will his props and respect. It really sparks my interest again. I hope this new generation will understand the importance of the responsibility you have as an artist. At least Hot97 don't disappoint with their ongoing hate on Will. They even asked the question if that verse was ghostwritten...
  7. i thought thats interesting... LL talks about Will at 9:48 min
  8. Lerkot is living. My god, I feel like it's 2005 again... I just had to log in to write this comment.
  9. long time no see. hope y'all doing well. glad to see some of y'all got the chance to meet JJFP. Here are my 2 cents about the new track. I think Will just doesn't care about what other people wish for. He probably did this track because he felt like it. I think theres no other oldskool rap veteran who experiments as much as Will with his music. They all keep it true to hiphop and to their own style to a certain degree. Personally i don't like the track, just because thats not my type of music. Born2Reign was similar in that aspect. He did a lot of experimental/non hiphop stuff on that album too. And his latest releases Caution in the Wild and the other one before that was the same. He tries to reach the mainstream Top 100 music listener of today, but the thing is, there are thousands of people who are better than him doing that type of music. Those recent tracks are forgotten already. Come to think, that he's very insecure about releasing music, this will just make it worse, if you look at the critics. To tell the truth, i think he never really cared about his music career. He could at least do some fan service and release some oldskoolish hiphop tracks with Jeff. Honestly i would find it better, if he released nothing instead. This stuff is not really convincing.
  10. nice to hear somethings happening *g* (check that oldskool smiley!)
  11. seems fake to me... I think Em could drop some deeper lines than "Go **** yourself". The whole thing reads like some teenager's trying to be meaningful.
  12. i'll be in düsseldorf tomorrow, but it depends on the girl whether or not we're going... oh and hi to everbody, it's been a while :)
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