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  1. well, the hate was strong back in the day. Everybody was on the gangsta rap hype and people were smashing Will. Kinda funny how everybody out on social media now talks about Will like he's always been a legend, The Fresh Prince, the GOAT, etc. To be honest, people didn't support Will when he was still in the game. I don't take most of the positive criticism serious (from the older folks). HipHop has always been a macho and patriarchal domain with lots of people masking their insecurities and ignorance behind trash talking and fake attitudes. Over the years that really turned down my inter
  2. i thought thats interesting... LL talks about Will at 9:48 min
  3. Lerkot is living. My god, I feel like it's 2005 again... I just had to log in to write this comment.
  4. long time no see. hope y'all doing well. glad to see some of y'all got the chance to meet JJFP. Here are my 2 cents about the new track. I think Will just doesn't care about what other people wish for. He probably did this track because he felt like it. I think theres no other oldskool rap veteran who experiments as much as Will with his music. They all keep it true to hiphop and to their own style to a certain degree. Personally i don't like the track, just because thats not my type of music. Born2Reign was similar in that aspect. He did a lot of experimental/non hiphop stuff on that alb
  5. nice to hear somethings happening *g* (check that oldskool smiley!)
  6. seems fake to me... I think Em could drop some deeper lines than "Go **** yourself". The whole thing reads like some teenager's trying to be meaningful.
  7. i'll be in düsseldorf tomorrow, but it depends on the girl whether or not we're going... oh and hi to everbody, it's been a while :)
  8. There was also a making of. That was years ago on the will smith homepage, it must've been in the willenium era around 2001. Jada was also there and they had interviews with Biz, Slick Rick and all the people.
  9. that was refreshing. i'm not really expecting new music soon. maybe when his kids stand on their own feet. but right now i think he's fully concentrated on his kids and his movie career.
  10. stop making wars around the world and you'll have enough money... regarding Will, as a rich and popular person he has to be comform with the way the industry works or they'll drop him in a blink of an eye. one day you're good and rich the other day you're poor and bad. michael jackson is the perfect example. he had the heart to critisize the industry and talk about the bad people there and the things they did to him. they saw him as a danger because he had his own mind and a conscience. they took everything from him. as an artist you dont have no control and no power at all in the american e
  11. he still sounds really good. would love to see more of his old records re-recorded in the studio. i'm looking for the one would be nice.
  12. i'll wait for a 20 floppy disk commodore amiga version (with stereo sound support of course)
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