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  1. We wanna see you two on a album together! If you and will could do a track to shut up all the ppl who say that you two are soft like lil wuf wuf. that would be dope. cristian golovescu arad romania
  2. most ppl here aren't very religious and some of us find ppl like you to be very annyoing. now i am sure you will be banned for spamming but do you have to come here with topics like this. i find it to be idiotic
  3. well he is almost as funny as chris rock. but damn those guys make me wet my pants with laughter. too bad it's gone. i used to watch chappelle on mtv.de but they don't show it anymore
  4. so this the most dangerous man on the forum
  5. does anyone have some freestlyes from will? i have the one he did on westwood but i'm lookin for others :wiggle:
  6. most of those ppl are morons. i barely post there anymore
  7. this to what rap can lead to if the listener is idiotic enough
  8. he keeps it real. not like fiddy or other pathetic morons who rap bout how tough they are when they are cowards hiding behind baboons. he grew on the streets just like all of them but his streets were better than they are now. like he said, kids are comin with guns to school. back then it wasn't like dat. it's because of rappers like fifty, tony yayo and others that kids keep on bringin guns to school and because of radios who bump them. will sticks to true rap. he still returns to da game even when his sales are pretty low. who thought that he would return after born to reign flopped? in my opinion, it's good dat will doesn't get airplay with morons like g-unit. he is above them and will always be cuz he loves rapping and despite the movies he will still release albums even if the flopp. :word:
  9. i will go and see it when it is out
  10. i didn't see it be4 bart5 told me where to look
  11. it is a part of romania and that whole dracula stuff is just idiotic
  12. it's our birthday today. it's been 87 years since trnsilvania joined with the other parts of current romania happy birthday :2thumbs: :yeah:
  13. i hvae that one with vegas if anyone wants i can up it
  14. they are great especially coder red . twinkle twinkle is awesome
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