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  1. I just came up on it.. its and old song. srry i know its old news but its kewl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxZk5AspSE8
  2. thnk u much appreciated
  3. how old is everyone on the cast now or about how old? ... and what is everyone up to now? did they just all retire or sumthing.. the last time i saw hilary was in the movie major pain and that movie is old.. if u know there werabouts please share..
  4. yeh.. all i knew of was the one in american
  5. haha i think i remember watching that episode.. just forgot though
  6. Uncle phil - retired vivian - died ashley - model hilary - the hilary show nicki - followin fresh princes footsteps = rapper carlton - in place of phil will - ???
  7. yeh we all wanna see them make another album and im hoping they do.. but seriously i think they wont be... wills to busy making movies all the time. the album lost and found did pretty good but i dont think it did as good as will wanted it too he mightve got discourage and gunna stick to movies. plus they are getting pretty old. they some real OGs
  8. sry.. i didnt know :( i guess i know now..
  9. hey Im sorry all if im wasting your time and if this is old but just sharing with peeps who havent heard this http://thebox2.free.fr/rock.mp3 its dope!!!!
  10. yeh!! ... Will needs to get into the rap game more but making movies probably get him more money.. all about the benjamins these days. thnx for all the replys. i wonder if will can freestyle off the top?
  11. well i only listen to 2 albums and outta the two i liked lost and found more.
  12. Im trying to become an active member too.. its just that i dont post to everything i read on here. and what is the exp points and hp for? are we playing a game?
  13. Im not dissin or anything. im just curious.. was the freestyle will smith did to the how we do beat on the tim westwood radio show a real freestyle? .. like did he freestyle it and then put it into his album or was it pre meditated / pre written?
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