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  1. If there's a new mib song by Will, I'll go see the movie. Otherwise I'll wait for the reviews..
  2. Hope you guys have had a great year so far! I don't know if this has been posted before but maybe someone missed it http://se.youtube.com/watch?v=sNycMDNXHYg&...feature=related
  3. They´re all good, but Gettin' Jiggy Wit It is the one that brings back all those nostalgic feelings, acctually all BWS stracks do, but i remember when Jiggy first came out, beeing 12 years old or something like that, recording it on a VHS tape and watching it over and over again.
  4. There´s something wierd going on, everytime I watch "where the day takes you" or "made in america" I see Will. I should probably get my eyes checked out cuz according to ws.com, his OFFICIAL site, Will wasn't in those movies..
  5. never watched it. I'll stick to Nip/Tuck and the Sopranos dvds.
  6. done. the list might not contain all tracks u would hope for, but it does contain alot of the "theme songs of the 90s". i voted for Will, marky mark, celine dion, eminem, green day, los del rio, mc hammer, marilyn manson, montel jordan and of course vanilla ice hehe i dont think these tracks are definately the best, but they are the ones that for me defines most of the 90s. brings back memories..
  7. Another reason for bonus tracks might be that the US versions are often released a little earlier than the local version. Some fans might not want to wait that long to hear the album and then the record company puts an extra track on it and the real fans buy it again. what's this track "Yo! Home To Bel-Air"? I've never heard of it before, might have heard about it but always thinkin' people who didn't know better called the FPOBA theme "Yo! Home To Bel-Air". Is it a completely different track or just some kind of remix of FPOBA?
  8. like everyone else, it depends on how i feel. sometimes a couple of months go by and sometimes I listen to their whole discography in one day. I've been kinda sick of my cd collection lately, just trying to find new stuff i haven't heard before. Since I have all the JJFP albums they dont get that much playtime for now.. But everytime JJFP comes on when I have my mp3 on random, their songs always makes me feel good.
  9. Everytime i watch the Seinfeld episodes of Jerry and George going to nbc to pitch their show i think about posting this, but i cant remember to have done it.. When they're in the waitingroom at NBC there's a big FP poster on the wall behind them. Nothing special really, theres also posters from blossom and other 90s shows. Just wanted to let u guys know about it. season 4 if im not mistaken. Theres also some episode/episodes where Jerry uses the term Gettin Jiggy Wit It. Probably one of the last seasons when BWS came out.
  10. Would love a second chance to get the live in concert video since its not availible in my country. would be very very thankfull! :bowdown:
  11. thanks alot! wonderful! would be great if someone could upload the video version again to, since it expired...
  12. Congratulations! this calls for a celebration!
  13. i didnt mean save the industry, but maybe it could help the sales a little
  14. I think its one of his best movies, even thou it feels more like a broadway show than a movie. The movie really turned me on to reading the book, and it was pretty good. I like books like this one, thats about life in general and not some sort of isolated adventure or murdermystery (those are really crappy). Cant say it was as good as everyone claims, but definately worth reading. Was a while since i read it now, so think im gonna re-read it and then watch the movie after to compare my view of the book to what Will says about it, that would be interesting. great movie, but Will shouldnt have been so affraid of the gay scenes. kinda feels like his character just pretends to be gay/bi to get what he wants, instead of really beeing it and using it to get what he wants..
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