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  1. Ok, thanks ! I was surprised, because as you said, he is talking about the differents parts of the USA ! But as a french, my hear couldn't hear an other thing than "Ouai salut" !! Really strange how the body works !
  2. lol that's right he looks funny on the pics !
  3. I joined ! Not sure it will convince Will, but let's try. I put the link on my blog to bring some french fans !
  4. I really love the 3 firsts American Pie ! Not the same kind of movies that you said, but very funny !
  5. Where can I can listen to Get Hyped, Family Christmas, Nothin on my Mind, Branded, Da Rebirth, Don't Fight The Feeling and Got To Be Real ? I never heard those songs ! Thanks !
  6. He took a few months off ! He explained that in Letterman that it is hard for him, but it is Jada (I think) whose asked him!
  7. I like this pic, but the quality is not really good. About the website, it's like that since long time ! I hope it will be soon updated !
  8. Nobody can "give me an access" to the JJFP Rare Tracks part ? Because I still can't go... 500 messages posted ! Way over 100 ! Thanks !!!
  9. Wow thank man, I'm looking fort stuff like that ! Too bad the video is not a little bit longer ! If somebody got a longer version, or maybe the 1988 grammy, or an other ceremony (I'm looking for the famous speech at kids awards, with running and reading !)
  10. Sam Jones is amazed by Will Smith's house
  11. Hello ! I found that on Youtube : Will Smith teaches a football player to do a dance, and the player did it after scoring a touchdown ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y38kzH-bi4
  12. A new video, Will vs Jaden at Letterman ! I think we all know this one, but maybe it's new for some people !
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