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  1. Yeah this was dope. It was great seeing Will in a vulnerable environment. Seems like with this and his book, he’s on a real journey in life right now.
  2. I watched this tonight. All I can say is, if this doesn’t earn Will an Oscar, I doubt anything will. He was phenomenal.
  3. I just finished the book, I put a review in the thread for reviews AJ started. I was blown away with the honestly and surprised at how much I didn’t know. I’m gonna be checking his socials for anything I missed. I work at a race track, it’s seasonal for the most part, a lot of 7 day weeks in the Summer but a lot of downtime in the winter. I’m gonna use the time off to explore and find what I’ve missed.
  4. I just finished the book yesterday - Wow! From the off set you get this overwhelming impression that the guy you see on the screen or hear on a record is a character that masks a very vulnerable individual. The Fresh Prince is a cover up for weakness, it allowed Will to be something he didn’t think he was. I think his love affair with acting started long before his audition in Quincy Jones’ living room. The thing that struck me most as a fan is, I ALWAYS perceived Will EXACTLY how he wanted us to perceive him. Confident, larger than life, charisma in abundance, but knowing the man behind the act, it kind of made me feel guilty as a fan for always wanting more. Great movie, where’s the next album? Great album, where’s the FPOBA reunion? Make BB3 already. 6 months off? Plenty of time for an album. Go on tour again with Jeff. Stop worrying about the kids careers, focus on your own. These are all things we’ve discussed on this forum. After reading the book, I realised that yes, we are fans that keep the ball rolling, but did that demand contribute to the breakdown in his personal life? Ultimately it’s a stigma that stemmed from his upbringing, but we fuelled it in a way that he craved giving us more just as much as we craved getting more. I loved the in-depth stories of the come up in music, how JL became manager, Wills version of the Ready Rock separation, I never knew Jeff had cancer as a kid and developed a recluse mentality (you certainly wouldn’t say that now), I never knew Omarr had an operation as a kid. I loved hearing about the battle scene. I never knew the full status of the Word Up situation and how intense it got. I never realised how dark his past was and the kind of company he kept. The most gangster part of the book is when Mom-Mom made the split second decision to amputate her leg. I never knew this either. The most obvious thing for me was the combination of both parents that Will became. Hard headed like his father, compassionate like his mother, but confused about which side needed to appear in which situation. Willow saved Will from himself, that was glaringly obvious. How a 10 year old with a hit record can break down the biggest star in the world by shaving her head and saying her dads idea of a family wasn’t them, is just inspirational as a parent, to think that through what his failings where, he’d helped raise her into an intelligent young lady. Completely and utterly phenomenal. I couldn’t put it down.
  5. Hey everybody, So it’s been a loooooong time since I frequented the boards, being married and having kids kinds takes it’s toll on a JJFP fan lol how is everybody? I’ve tried my utmost to keep on top of all things JJFP, but I’ve felt my fan ship slipping just with the basic pressures of life. However, I bought Will the book and I’m 15 chapters deep, and it’s rekindled my fandom (what a phenomenal book btw). I’d say I lost touch around Collateral Beauty, I’ve still managed to catch all the movies (I hope) but I’m just wondering what else I could have missed. Since CB, I’ve managed to still catch… Movies - Bright, Aladdin, Gemini Man, Spies in Disguise and BB4L and I know of King Richard and Emancipation. TV - FPOBA Reunion, Cobra Kai 3, Shark Week and Bucket List. I still need to watch Best Shape of My Life, One Strange Rock and Amend. I’ve also heard on Will From Home but don’t know if it’s available anywhere? and I know of Welcome to Earth in December. Music - Joyner Lucas collab, Aladdin songs, Icon remix, Esta Rico, World Cup song and the feature on Logics album and obviously Get Lit (I was in Blackpool). I did a bit of research trying to find what I’d missed and came up with the above list, am I missing anything else? Take care, fam. Stay safe.
  6. I have just read this, however... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.toofab.com/2020/11/20/janet-hubert-alfonso-ribeiro-fresh-prince-of-bel-air-reunion/ which explains Alfonso was working the day Janet was on set.
  7. Same situation I think. Janet’s attacked Alfonso over the years and vice versa, I think she once referred to him as Wills ‘tampon’, so probably just an escalation of the Will feud.
  8. Alfonso and Janet hate each other, man. I think they’re beyond reconciliation.
  9. Not sure how I feel about this LOL
  10. Incredible. Uncle Phil tribute, Janet reconciliation, Ross Bagley showing up, it was everything it needed to be. I quite like that it was an intimate setting for the cast, made it feel more like a reunion than a documentary. Loved it. My allergies kept playing up though, which was annoying ;)
  11. Easily the best track Wills dropped since L&F
  12. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/variety.com/2019/film/news/will-smith-brilliance-paramount-1203326959/amp/
  13. Saw it today. It’s dope. Packed with drama, twists, action and hilarious moments. Classic Will.
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