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  1. Just a temporary problem, this is a common problem on Megaupload. Try again, maybe in 1 or 2 minutes, and refresh the page until it works
  2. Hello ! A Will Smith is hidden in this video, will you find it ? Lol look at 1'42 !
  3. Nice to have a first trailer. Thanks for this!
  4. I didn't know this part of the song was the instru of Summer Madness ! Thank you !
  5. Hello ! I am looking for something : the instrumental of Summertime, but not the one we all know. The beginning of Summertime. Before the "drums please" Jazzy sometimes play it. It is that : http://www.zshare.net/audio/699537496b6f3f07/ Do you where I can find it please ? Thanks !
  6. Yes mtvkid ask that because of the copyrights :( so I think no links will stay ok for more than 1 day or 2.
  7. Here comes the Christmas 2009 version !
  8. They not really putted it down, mtvkid, the guy who posted it on Vimeo, just ask me nicely if I could delete it because of the copyrights :) (I just LOVE that version of Rapper's Delight !)
  9. A guy send me message on Youtube, he wants to know if he could use the party videos! He works for one of the biggest newspaper in Norway! (www.vg.no) I gave him the adress of the original video (on Vimeo). After all, I'm not the one you shot this, I only put this on Youtube.
  10. This is really nice ! And again, he raps ! Nice Rapper's Delight ! Thanks !
  11. Yes, but when people speaks norvegian, why put some norvegian subs :laugh: ? If you really want to put some subtitle, you put some english subs, so Will & Jada can understand ! :laugh: Great Jaden and Willow at the end :clap:
  12. Wow lot of videos ! Thanks ! The interview with Skavlan, but the report at the end in norvegian and norvegian subs, its not really good, Will & Jada didn't understand, neither do I :D :D
  13. This is a VERY nice interview ! Very funny ! Thanks for this !
  14. Ok, no problem. I hesitate before posting it.
  15. Yo Romano I removed the links because I don't see why someone who only made one post get's the download these songs! Greetz Fan 4ever
  16. Anyone knows is the first song Jeff plays ? It's more lyrics than really a song (the extract he plays). Something like "If you really came to party, then let me hear everybody,..." I heard that a lot of times, but I don't know the very original of the song ! Thanks !
  17. I found a really better quality for Boy You Knock Me Out (I putted the link in the first message)
  18. Yeah, great performance, thanks for this!
  19. I still don't think a Hancock 2 could be a good idea. For me, the first one was not bad, but was not really good, and the end is disappointing. So I think a second one is not a could idea. Sometimes, you have to stop on the first one (these last month, there are rumours of sequels for each WS's movies !) SO the last news is good !
  20. Tony Yayo was at a Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 lauch party in NY along with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ice-T, DJ Whoo Kid & Coco.
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