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  1. Earlier Thursday, Knowles was mobbed by lines of fans at a meet-and-greet in the Macy’s beauty department. She treated each fan, middle-aged women to tween girls, like a long-lost best friend. It’s a lesson she learned from Will Smith during a signing with him for the Men in Black soundtrack when she was 15. “He was so nice to every person. I watched him. I knew he had to be tired, and I couldn’t believe how nice he was,” she says. “We were the last people he met. I said, ‘I don’t care if I ever get that famous: I will always be like him.’ I always try to be as nice to the first person as to the last person and will make eye contact.” http://beyoncedaily.org/2007/08/16/beyonce...se-a-new-album/
  2. http://eurotrasher.livejournal.com/196953.html I love it! :gettinjiggywitit:
  3. I can hear Will muttering many things in the song but hardly catch what he says cause I'm no good at English. I'd really appreciate it if someone writes them down for me. Also can anyone tell me if it is Jeff who says "It's all good" after verse 1? By the way, the Japanese liner notes of BWS includes lyrics, and it shows the following verse in the end of the song. It's on you You know Girl I be thinkin' about it sometimes And you know what It's all good Everything happens for a reason I don't know what your reasons are but I know what mine are whatever I hope you're happy Cause I damn sure am I'm wondering if there is another version of the song which includes this part...
  4. Actually it was not a planned performance at all. I think they just wanted him to do karaoke and sing "We will rock you", so they handed him a mic without notice and he did do that for us. He was so nice and funny. Every Japanese who saw this show just got to love him. Anyway he was the first Hollywood actor who appeared live on the early-morning TV show in Japan. After the appearance, he gave many interviews with the press, visited our Prime Minister, joined a Sony's event, appeared on another TV show(he played billiards there!), came to the stage of pre-screening, and even went to the gym in the intervals. I'm sure he is crazy. haha
  5. He's saved the world from alien invaders at least three times, tamed the wild west, battled robots in the future and (most dangerously) made two movies with Martin Lawrence. Now Will Smith is coming to the big D on Wednesday night for a special premiere of his latest film "The Pursuit of Happyness," in which he plays an unemployed salesman struggling to make ends meet for himself and his young son. He's due to arrive at the Phoenix Bel Air 10, 10100 E. Eight Mile, Detroit, at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. Although no tickets to the screening are available, the public is invited to come ogle his Willness as he makes his way down the red carpet and into the theater. http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/artic...PDATE/611130446
  6. http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808722062/trailer Here is a 40 seconds clip from the movie!
  7. Thank you Miss Ashley! This is really wonderful! :switch: :switch: :switch:
  8. Here are another pictures of Will on the set. Aww he's got blood on his shirt.
  9. Teens Meet Will Smith on Location in Yorktown Sprawling Stuart's Farm on Granite Springs Road was transformed into a Hollywood set last Monday (September 25) for the first day - and only day in Yorktown -- of principal photography on Will Smith's new movie, I Am Legend. A quartet of excited Yorktown High School juniors -- (l-r) Katie Ptak, Nicole Battista, Elissa Apar and Kristen Guttormsen - were lucky enough to spend a few minutes chatting with the superstar. Even though they learned from a crew member on location that they were visiting Smith on his birthday, the teens were asked not to mention it to him on set "so he can stay in character." Smith told the students that Neville -- the sole healthy survivor of a biological war who fights creatures of the night -- is his "most challenging role" to date because he must carry the whole movie single-handedly. The teenagers told NCN they found the talented actor and rapper "really friendly. He acted like he already knew us." He also raved to the ladies about his hometown NFL team Philadelphia Eagles. The Warner Brothers production of I Am Legend, a spinoff of 1971's The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston, continues filming in New York City, and is slated to arrive in theaters in 2007. We know four moviegoers who will be in line the day it opens. http://www.northcountynews.com/view.asp?s=9-27-06/news5.htm
  10. Wow. Is this the answer to the quiz? Thanks for the exciting news. I'd lose my job if I went to Miami though... :chuks:
  11. When I heard the role of Anna went to Gabrielle Union, I was sure that the movie was gonna suck hard. But after seeing the names of Salli Richardson & Alice Braga, I now believe there is still hope. At least they are not too far from the book characters. My only problem is with the director though...
  12. Ohh Thanks!! So 1091 is Catalog No! Sorry I didn't read Julie's post & was trying to solve the riddle that was already solved. how stupid.lol Now I look up and there is a ceiling...
  13. 1091 + 5 + 3 + 12 = 1111 So it's snake eyes... and I can't get any 4&2 letter words. 1091 x 5 x 3 x 12 = 196380 So something happened on August 1963. Maybe it's civil rights march on Washington. And I have no idea about 4&2 letter words... :bangcomp:
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