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  1. I am very happy for him. The marketing work for the movie has been intense these weeks and he has been very active in social media. Martin, even with the health problems went out there and toured like the best for the movie. Deserved success!
  2. It was a really fun film. Loved to watch it in the theater. Going back next week!
  3. Hopefully he can do something like Enemy of the State again
  4. The trailer looks great. The filming quality is very nice.
  5. Bad boys is coming out. Hopefully we can get the Old Will back
  6. Oh wow I haven't heard of this kid in like forever
  7. Man, Will can't catch a break. This woman is coming out with all this stuff. Maybe they finally divorce and he can get back to being the FP we all knew and love.
  8. It was actually a pretty good conversation, although multiple times they jokingly got in arguments about stupid stuff
  9. He should have gone for Independence day weekend to release that movie.
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