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  1. We need to leave the past in the past. Go back to his fighter camp mentality and back to work
  2. He should get back to posting often. His fans will love it. His haters will continue to find excuses to hate him. I would keep my personal life personal from now on but get back out there.
  3. Perhaps it is a choice. But it would be great to have a solo deadshot movie. Or perhaps tie it up to the new Batman. I guess it would have been announced by now.
  4. Did Will shave his head for a new role? Perhaps Aladdin 2? Or is this following Jada's and Willows Steps in solidarity?
  5. Moving on should be the priority here. Haters are going to always find a reason to hate. It is time to focus on those Who love him. Some new music with the new movie would ve a great start
  6. I'm so happy he finally spoke. I was awaiting for this. Yesterday i actually revisited the audio book and played summertime for the first time this year. I'm very glad he posted this. It is time to heal and get back at it.
  7. That salary can make up a little for the horror of a year he has had after the Oscars.
  8. He just won the BET awards but really most people did not care. What a sad turn of events after such a successful run with this movie.
  9. Attacking his softness may get him slapped again.. Will has some deep problems regarding this.
  10. this movie should definitely revive Fun Will.
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