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  1. Parents Just Don't Understand music video added on his Facebook !
  2. Jada answers more questions (on her Facebook)
  3. Lean Back - Terror Squad Medidation - The Last Emperor
  4. Didn't find anything about this Arsenio's thing, it should not be a big thing if nothing can be find on it !
  5. I added a few things, notably my two firts albums, WIllenium and Born To Reign ! And I ordered Lost & Found and Big Willie Style ! Plus Hitch & MIB PS : I only buy some albums on "occasion", but brand new (for example, on ebay or priceminister, people put some ads to their products, so it's occasion, but the product is brand new). And I want the lowest price.
  6. Here is DJ Jazzy Jeff & Dj AM Live @ The House of Blues, nice perf!
  7. Yes, because a few weeks ago, I was allowed to go on this part of the forum !
  8. I really prefer this presentation ! Thanks ! PS : I still can't go on "JJFP rare tracks" section :hissyfit:
  9. I noticed that I'm spending too much time (and money !) on eBay, PriceMinister,... :laugh:
  10. Two pics of Live8 perfomance (I just just one, they are on Facebook's page) :
  11. My theory too. I think (and I'm pretty sure), that it is somebody else that take care of the facebook page. Someone else who put the videos online. And yes, the last video of Will Smith was done before they leave (how could it be a different way ? I don't think he went back to Calabasas to tape that video, and then felw back to China lol). I think there are a few videos already done to update the facebooks (Jada's and Will's) during the two month. And I read (I don't know where, maybe on the forum) that Will will post some China's trip's thing on the Facebook. Two options : it posted after the trip, or the guy who update the facebook recover the data (videos, pictures,...) and update the facebook while Smith's family is still in China
  12. Buy with Paypal too, it's really nice. Never sold on eBay, but maybe, one day... !
  13. WHAT A SCREEN !!! And look at how many golf clubs he got :boggled:
  14. I think I'm quite tolerant, but I think we always can be more tolerant. I think racism is the think that is the most pissing me off. Good work Will !
  15. Me http://www.football365.fr/ (and the football forum on this web site) http://www.lequipe.fr/Football/index.html http://www.espoirsdufoot.com/forums/ http://www.footmercato.net/ http://www.jeuxvideo.com/etajvbis.htm http://www.laposte.net/ (for my emails) http://www.google.fr/ (my welcome page :)) http://www.youtube.com/ (check the commentary) http://jazzyjefffreshprince.skyrock.com/ (to put some new articles, and check the commentary) http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/index
  16. I just found the A&E Biography DVD on eBay for 9,55€ ($13.34) : is it a good deal ? EDIT I couldn't wait so I bought it !!
  17. I can't imagine how much she must be pissed off to see what Will is today !
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